The Best Colours For Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Colour psychology isn’t a new concept for a lot of us, though you wouldn’t be alone in questioning how effective it can really be. How can a single colour change your mood or encourage better sleep? Can brighter tones really improve your mood just like that? Could your bedroom design choices be causing poor sleep at night? We’re taking a look into whether colour really can affect our moods and sleep patterns, as well as which colours experts say are the best for your bedroom.

Can Colour Really Affect Our Mood?

While there hasn’t been what would be considered rigorous scientific research into how colours affect us psychologically, there is plenty to suggest that the colours around us can affect how we behave and how we feel. Colour psychology is used in retail, in marketing and in plenty of other design areas to influence how we act when we see certain products, situations or even areas. While it’s difficult to determine how every single individual will react to a colour due to the influence of lifetime experiences, colour psychology works on a more general basis, utilising universal human experiences and cultural behaviours to determine how the majority of people will associate particular colours to moods. 

Colours That Encourage Sleep

For your bedroom, you’ll want to choose colours that encourage calm, relaxation and sleep, or, of course, happiness. Here are some of the most highly recommended: 


Blue hues, particularly those in a more muted palette, have been linked to calming and soothing emotions, which are conducive to a better night’s sleep. Blue can often create a sense of relaxation and reduce the level of stress we’re experiencing at night, which ultimately helps lull us to sleep more effectively and can even prevent nightmares.


While bright shades of yellow could disturb your sleep by being too sunny and energy-boosting, more muted and softer shades can create a warm, comforting environment that is perfect for a bedroom. Studies suggest that people relax far more easily in yellow-hued rooms, which is ideal for better sleep.


Green is another shade that is conducive to a good night’s sleep, thanks to it’s eye-pleasing and calming associations. Muted and softer green shades, such as moss and olive, are particularly good for creating a comforting and relaxing environment that can improve and encourage sleep.


The colour orange is often thought to be a good colour for dining rooms due to it’s perceived ability to aid digestion and soothe upset stomachs. This benefit can be translated to the bedroom with warm orange tones, which can not only soothe, but also creates a feeling of coziness that is perfect for preparing your body for sleep at the end of a long day.


For a luxurious touch to the bedroom that won’t disturb your sleep, silver can be a great option. Silver is said to have sleep-inducing properties, as well as positive effects on our motivation when we wake up.

Avoid These Colours


Purple is considered to be the worst colour for a restful nights sleep. Purple is a lovely colour and is great for creating a luxurious look, but too much also inspires creativity which can lead to vivid dreams or nightmares and a night of disturbed sleep.


Many of us, knowingly or not, associate red with danger and for this reason, it isn’t particularly useful for promoting restful sleep. In addition, it can be associated with energetic passion and love which has previously been linked to higher blood pressure, which prevents or disrupts sleep.


While brown matches the neutral tones that more and more of us are going for in our homes, it is a colour that has previously been linked to gloomier atmospheres. This can induce a sense of sadness, which definitely doesn’t lend itself to a good night’s sleep!


While yellow might create a sense of happiness, gold has been said to have adverse affects, particularly in those of us with financial worries. Many of us associate gold with wealth and if you’re struggling for cash or have finance-related worries, gold could create a restless night.

For more information about choosing the right headboard and colour to improve your sleep, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.

Your Bedroom Style Guide: Transitional

Next up in our bedroom style guide series is one that we love here at Just Headboards. Transitional decor celebrates the very best of the traditional and contemporary, blended into a unique and classy overall look perfect for the modern home. Transitional decor has defined itself over the years as its very own bold but deliberate style, bringing together the key celebrated points of two very different style types. We’ve compiled a guide to help you get started.

What is Transitional Style Decor?

Transitional style decor can be defined as a mix of traditional and modern interior design. This can include any and everything from furnishings and textiles, to decorative features and practical elements. It is one of the most liberating and rule-free design types out there, leaving you plenty of room to experiment and work out the perfect blend to suit your personal preferences. You can mix and match different pieces of furniture or decoration and create a cohesive look that suits your personal style best, making this the perfect dynamic and flexible interior decor option.

How Do I Achieve It?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to transitional design, however, there are a few guidelines you could follow to really achieve the look. From picking the right colour schemes, to creating focal points using textiles and colourful accessories, you can be creative and bold with your space without compromising on the style you’re going for.

Neutral Colour Scheme

In most transitional style interiors, you can expect to see relatively simple and neutral colour schemes throughout. The colours typically follow more traditional themes, featuring anything from creams and whites to greys, sandy shades and warm wooden hues. For a more modern twist on a colour scheme, you could introduce bolder but still relatively muted tones such as charcoal, black and dark blues to really make a statement.

Play With Textiles

With a neutral colour scheme, you can really get creative and play with the textiles and fabrics that you use in your space. From natural wooden furniture to cosy cushions, blankets and even rugs, a transitional space can truly make the most of and celebrate the very best in textiles. Anything goes, depending on your preferred style – our upholstered headboards are often available in a wide range of fabrics and colours. Our Keatry Upholstered Headboard, for example, is available in cord, chenille, weave and linen to name a few, offering you the opportunity to choose the right texture for you.

Colourful Accessories

You don’t have to stick to a neutral colour scheme throughout the whole bedroom to meet a transitional style. In fact, colourful accessories and pops of colour can really make the decor come alive. Inject some personality into the space with your favourite colours and prints, whether thats on the curtains, some of the furniture, statement pieces or even on the bed linen. Headboards can also be a great way to bring in a pop of colour without overpowering the space, creating a unique focal point that also serves a practical purpose. 

Transitional Furniture

The larger, more demanding traditional style of furniture might be intricate and beautiful, but isn’t always practical for the modern home. Transitional furniture uses the best elements of traditional styling but creates a more streamlined, practical and sophisticated alternative that offers the perfect blend. Alternatively, utilising both contemporary and traditional furniture in a room can create just as smooth of a blend – do your research and find the perfect choices to suit you and your personal style.

Plenty of Cushions

Cushions and pillows are a great way to inject style and personality into a space, and an abundant scattering in a bedroom will easily suits transitional space. Mix contemporary and traditional patterns where possible, or choose one or the other to contrast the overall feel of the room for that perfect balance.

Transitional decor is one of the most rule-free and simple styles you can adopt, perfect for creating a space that is not only the ideal blend of old and new, but that is open to your own interpretation and creativity. With a neutral starting palette and a basic understanding of the style, you can embark on a bedroom design project you can cherish. For help picking the perfect headboard for your transitional space, get in touch with a member of the team, today.

Create A Unique Bedroom For Your Children With These Simple Tips

Designing your child’s bedroom can arguably be more difficult than designing your own, not least because you’re not only decorating with your ideas, but you need to consider theirs too. Depending on your child’s age, they may have their own strong opinions about how they want their room to look and while you’ll want to ensure they’re happy and enjoy the space, you’d be forgiven for wanting to keep the same level of style that is present throughout your home. So, the question that remains is this – how do you create a unique bedroom for your children that caters to their wishes, and your own home style? We’ve got some simple tips to help you get started.

Start With The Focal Points

First things first, start with the key points of the bedroom to prevent getting overwhelmed early on. This means key furniture pieces such as the bed, wardrobes, desks and drawers at the very least. The bed is the centre of any bedroom design, so it’s important to have a clear idea of what you and your child want from it. Comfort and reliability are key practical things to consider, but what about the design?

Well, this is where a fun children’s headboard can come into play. Even with a simple wooden, divan or metal bedframe, you can switch out the headboard to offer something unique for the space. Our Soccer Black Children’s Metal Headboard, for example, is the perfect fit for a football fan, while the Panda Childrens Upholstered Headboard is an ideal fit for any child with a love for animals. Younger children will love the Teddy Bear Childrens Wooden Headboard, a simple wooden headboard with a unique teddy bear engraving, perfect for a subtle but fun touch.

Play With Themes

Themed bedrooms can be hit or miss depending on not only how quickly your child switches interests, but how often you’re willing to redecorate the bedroom. More generic themes such as ‘jungle’ or ‘princess’ tend to last longer and can be adapted as you go depending on changing interests, but more specific themes such as Disney movies, TV shows and more can be difficult to keep up with. If you want to indulge your children with their dream space, why not meet a compromise? Pick a corner of the room that can be easily changed around as they grow, with easily-replacable accessories and decor while keeping the rest of the bedroom fairly theme-neutral. 

Let Your Child Pick Out The Colours

Whether you let them loose on the whole bedroom, or let them pick out accent colours, including your child in picking out colour schemes is a great way to not only get them involved, but reach a compromise. A more neutral-toned room with colourful, bold accents is not only a stylish way to inject some life and fun into a child’s bedroom, but it also ensures easy replacement if their style changes in the future. Similarly, you could opt for incorporating their favourite colour through fun bed sheets, pillows, cushion covers, art on the walls and more.

Be Bold

A child’s imagination is something to behold, so why not use it to your advantage? Be bold with your decorating choices and get their input into just what they want to see in their bedroom. Paint part of the wall with blackboard paint – your children can safely and cleanly draw on the wall and let their creativity run wild, or why not let them paint a mural on part of the wall that can be repainted and adapted as they grow up? Get creative and let your children guide your way if you’re stuck – they’ll probably have some incredible ideas to draw from.

Go A Little Green

Houseplants might not be your first idea when it comes to a child’s bedroom but, depending on their age, they can actually be an amazing bonding activity for you and them. Teaching your little ones how to care for plants and letting them keep one in their room to care for can be a great way to not only spend time with them throughout the day, but teach them about routine and responsibility – the perfect start for any kid looking for a pet in the future. 

You can get creative with the planters too. Let them pick out their favourite pots, or opt for plain pots that can be painted and decorated to suit their own individual style for an extra unique touch.

For more information about our headboards and how they could fit in with your child’s new, unique bedroom, please get in touch with a member of our team, today.

Your Bedroom Style Guide: Cottagecore

One design trend that has been taking over the world of interior design in the past year or so is ‘Cottagecore’. This quaint, rustic yet wholesome style is creating comforting and inviting spaces country-wide, whether in your typical English cottage, or a random apartment in central London. People have even taken to injecting the style into their Animal Crossing villages. Drawing inspiration from the quintessential rural way of life, this is a design style perfect for unwinding after a tough year, but where do you start when it comes to bringing this into your bedroom? Here, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you get started.

What Is Cottagecore?

Picture an idyllic country cottage, filled with botanicals, prairie-style touches, florals, checked materials and other cosy features – this is essentially everything that cottagecore is based upon. This is a timeless, classic look that has firm roots in traditional English cottage life, pulling from the farmstead and thatched-roof cottages we are known for. This also means that vintage and aged finds are staples in any cottagecore-inspired space, creating a cosy, yet historic space in any room of your home. 

Green Fingers

The postcard-perfect image of a quintessentially English cottage usually comes set with a perfectly kept garden, but you can’t exactly have a garden in your bedroom – the solution? House plants. Get your fingers a little green and invest in some house plants – they look great, can smell great too and will purify the air in your room. English Ivy, for example, will not only thrive in a pot or a hanging basket but can be mixed with other tall houseplants in a shared pot. Boston Ferns are also relatively inexpensive and fit a cottagecore interior perfectly. They do need a lot of light, however, and will need regular misting, so this is a project for those with particularly green fingers.

Checks, Stripes and Florals

Nothing screams ‘vintage’ quite like checked patterns, stripes and quaint floral patterns. Dial up the charm with gingham and checkered fabrics, whether you incorporate this in through blankets, pillow cases or even the quilt cover on your bed. Stripes give a similar effect, bringing in a quaint but effective finish to the textiles in the room. Vintage-style stripes can also be used for wallpaper for a unique but interesting touch. 

Vintage florals are a must for cottagecore, no matter how much or how little you include. Something as simple as a cushion can make all the difference, or you could take it further and introduce wallpaper, accents such as vases and lamps, bed covers, curtains and more, all in floral patterns. For a modern twist on the Cottagecore design, keep the main walls and furniture a neutral tone, and accent the room with accessories in checks, stripes and florals.

Keep it Cosy

Pictured: Pisces Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

Blankets, cushions, comfortable seating – these are all staples in a cottagecore interior. While fireplaces are ideal, not every bedroom has the space or possibility, so why not invest in some candles instead? Vintage style candlesticks and holders make for a unique and classic look for a bedroom, creating a warm, ambient and cosy atmosphere perfect for a bit of relaxation at bedtime. 

Why not relax against an upholstered headboard? With the soft texture and cushioned nature acting as a backrest, you can curl up on those colder nights and enjoy the quintessentially rural experience, even from a city-based home or apartment.

Use Vintage and Reclaimed Furniture

Furniture that’s already lived a bit of a life can be a great way to introduce that historic and cosy feel to a room. While your bed and mattress should always be new to ensure safety, things like side tables, bookshelves, drawers, wardrobes and even chairs can be picked out from reclaimed furniture outlets, or why not pick up some upholstery from vintage stores for that perfect cottagecore touch? Older pieces can be revamped to suit your desired colour schemes or styles, and newer pieces could even be distressed slightly to fit in with the rest of the room – get creative and go with what you feel will suit the room and create the perfect cosy environment best for you.

For more information or advice about creating the perfect ‘Cottagecore’ bedroom, or for help picking out the perfect headboard, get in touch with a member of our team, today.

Your Bedroom Style Guide: Hollywood Glam

The glitz and glam of Hollywood is something many of us strive to have in our lives. From the elegance of the silver screen to the glittering chandeliers and shining silver accents, this style is often considered the epitome of glamour. Hollywood Glam – also known as Hollywood Regency – is an interior design style now adopted by thousands and thousands of people worldwide, whether that’s in a single room or across the whole house. The dramatic yet elegant way of decorating can turn a space into a showpiece that is both luxurious, and comfortable, while also providing just the right injection of personality. 

Here, we’ve put together a quick guide to designing your very own Hollywood Glam bedroom.

Classic Colour Schemes

While there is no right or wrong when it comes to colour in a Hollywood Glam setting, keeping it classic with simple but stylish monochrome can create a sense of elegance in a very easy way. Add pops of colour and shine, such as purples and greys, as well as golds, silvers and other metallic surfaces to really make accents pop. 

But monochrome isn’t the only colour scheme you can choose – Hollywood Glam opens up so many possibilities to inject your own style into any space. From pale gold hues to reds, whites, lavenders and even pops of pinks and blues, colour can be perfect for the Hollywood Glam style if used correctly. Choose tones that scream regality and that hold enough class and sophistication to suit the design style, to truly inject colour into your bedroom without compromising on the glam.

Celebrate Texture

Hollywood Regency and Hollywood Glam designs typically utilise and celebrate texture, setting bold fabrics and patterns against classic colour schemes to truly make a statement. Hollywood Glam is all about the luxurious-looking textures and fabrics, from velvets and silks, to suede, leather, lacquer and, of course, metallic accents. Wallpaper with bold patterns and metallic embossing fit perfectly into any Hollywood Glam space and a great way to do this on a budget is to pick an accent wall. The remaining walls can be decorated in classic tones, with one main wall – typically the one your bed will sit against – covered in a luxurious-looking and glamorous wallpaper.

Glitz and Shine

Our Chrystal Floor Standing Headboard provides all the shine and silky texture you could need for a Hollywood Glam bedroom, available in a range of colours to suit your style.

Sparkle and shine are key factors in any Hollywood Glam bedroom, and this doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out for a crystal chandelier either. The modern take on Hollywood Glam has dialled down the amount of ‘glitz’ needed to truly capture the design without giving it up completely. The more understated but equally as stylish and sophisticated design tends to air on the side of shine rather than outright glitz or sparkle, and this can be captured with anything from metallic embroidery, to shimmering paintwork or a few crystal handles. Ultimately, you can choose just how much shine and glitz you want in your bedroom to suit your personal preferences.

Be Bold

Hollywood Glam as a design style has been built on the timeless class and sophistication of Art Deco-style glamour. Patterns are bold and demand attention, but are typically gender-neutral too, while high-glitz accents and shining metallics lend themselves to making a statement. In a bedroom, this can either be used to the fullest, or kept relatively understated to maintain the comfort and calmness of the space. The use of mirrored and reflective surfaces, as well as tassels, embellishments and more can add something unique to a space that might otherwise be simply designed with clean lines and neutral colours. The choice is yours – experiment, and find what suits you best.

Hollywood Glam interior design takes the very best of classic hollywood style and injects it into a modern day space, giving you a timeless space perfect for relaxation. Whether you’re just designing your bedroom in the style, or the whole home, hopefully our guide has helped you on your journey. For more information about our headboards or which would suit your space best, get in touch with a member of our team, today.

Emerging Interior Design Trends for 2021

I think we’d all agree that 2020 was a rough year, but it was also the year that a huge number of us embarked on those home design projects we’d been dying to get done, and usually on a DIY basis. Between March 9th and March 15th 2020 alone, sales of home improvement and gardening goods shot up 50% compared to the same period in the year before. This included a 14.7% increase in sales of tools and equipment, a 31.4% increase in sales of building materials and an incredible 47.1% increase in the sales of paint. 

All of this has meant that more and more of us have caught the decorating bug, ready to take on a room or two, or even just start with a single wall. As we head into 2021 and the uncertain future the country holds, now is the perfect opportunity to take some time to move onto the next room in your decorating journey, or simply get planning for when things open back up. Here, we’re taking a look at the emerging interior design trends for 2021 that you could consider to keep your home at the forefront of style.

Comfortable Luxury

We’ve all spent a lot of time in our homes this year and for some of us, it’s been a harsh wake up call. When we’re out of the house for at least 8 hours a day or more, it can be easy to fall into the trap of keeping your home convenient but not comfortable. However, with more time to stare at the four walls of each room, it’s no surprise that comfortable luxury has started to emergy as a leading trend for the new year. This includes everything from plush rugs and cushions, to velvet sofas, lavish curtains and plenty of metallic touches around each room.

Statement Headboards

Pictured: Adele Upholstered Winged Floor Standing Headboard

Call us biased, but we’re a little bit in love with this upcoming trend – statement headboards can turn a residential bedroom into a boutique, luxury dream, all without breaking the bank. Bright colours and bold patterns are one way of making a statement, but anything goes as long as it draws the eye and suits your own personal style. Unusual shapes and styles, upholstered, metal or wooden, the world of headboards is truly your oyster to explore and find the perfect one for you. Take a look at our range of luxury headboards to get started.

Cottagecore/Farmhouse Kitchens

If you’ve never heard of the term ‘cottagecore’ before, it’s relatively simple – this internet-coined term refers to am idealised rural style, celebrating the best of an idyllic countryside lifestyle including anything from baking and pottery, to foraging. In response to the world going into quarantines and lockdowns was to take to this design style as a way to escape the stress and trauma around us. Tumblr alone saw an 150% increase in posts relating to cottagecore within three months of March, and understandable so. 

This simple, yet peaceful style is typically a more romantic and quaint version of a rustic style, featuring ginhams, checkered patterns, vintage prints and plenty of quintessentially British accents. It can be glammed up with metallic accents, statement gold pieces and other elegant pieces but for the most part, this design style is one that screams comfort and nostalgia.

Yellow And Gray

In an unusual move, Pantone has not only announced one colour of the year, but two. These shades are Illuminating, a sunny, bright yellow, and Ultimate Gray, a pale shade that compliments it perfectly. By naming the two colours, Pantone has essentially offered a great base for a contrasting colour palette. On the choice to name two colours, Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, commented, ‘The selection of two independent colours highlight how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting, conveying the idea that it’s not about one colour or one person, it’s about more than one.” These shades can be used in any way you like, whether that’s focusing on the yellow and creating a warm and sunshine-like environment, or keeping things neutral in Ultimate Gray and accenting it with pops of bold colour – this year will see a lot of homes opt for this colour pair.

Worldwide Influence

Travelling has well and truly come to a halt latel y, and where it hasn’t completely stopped, it’s certainly changed. From testing at airports to isolating when you arrive at your destination, travelling abroad has become a confusing ordeal and for that reason, we can’t enjoy it quite like we used to. For that reason, it’s expected that this year will see more and more people adopt trends and styles from abroad, bringing worldwide influence into their otherwise British homes. Whether this is just in style, or by bringing in authentic decor will depend on personal preference, but as a whole, we can expect to see more culturally diverse interior designs in the coming months.

The Home Office Will Become A Focal Point

For those who have been working from home throughout the pandemic, the home office has been a dream not everyone has been able to achieve. In fact, even now, almost a year later, many of us are still set up on our dining room tables or kitchen counters. As the future seems to suggest working from home from much longer, we could see a surge in people creating a home office space as a key focal point in their homes. 

In an ideal world, a home working environment should be inspiring, neat and comfortable in order to really promote productivity and creativity. Clean lines, a tidy workspace and a pop of colour or pattern can improve concentration and efficiency, while a comfortable and ergonomic chair will ensure that you can work through each day without risking aches or injuries from working in an unusual environment.

The possibilities for interior design in 2021 are endless. From making a statement with your headboard and colour choices, to keeping things cosy and comfortable for long days working from home, interior design in 2021 seems to be tackling some of the problems we faced during the changing world in 2020. Which of these interior design trends are you willing to try?

For more information about our headboards and how they can match to the trends above, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.

Your Bedroom Style Guide: Bohemian

Next up in our style guide series is one of our favourite interior decor looks – the much-loved Boho. Bohemian style interiors are cosy, eclectic, unique and designed to offer the best in relaxation, yet are also one of the easiest and most rule-free options around. Boho rests itself on uniqueness, from a huge variety of patterns and textures, to bold colours and unusual furniture pieces. The possibilities are truly endless.

What Is Bohemian Style?

While there are no strict rules to determine what can be included in a bohemian interior, there are a few general guidelines and themes that tend to be found and followed by designers. The most important is that the space feels relaxed, comfortable and warm and in many cases, eclectic too. Boho rooms tend to look lived-in and colourful, with plenty of spots to curl up and get comfy throughout a day. Low-rise furniture, cushioned seats and a range of textures create a mismatched but well-put-together space. 

How Do I Style My Bedroom?

Boho style is all about creating a unique and eclectic comfortable space, which makes it the perfect interior style for a bedroom. For those a little lost on where to start, here are some things to think about when designing and decorating your room:

  • Plenty of Patterns and Textures

There’s no limit to just how many different patterns and textures you can have in a Boho bedroom. You can really get creative and go all in or keep things simple depending on your own personal style. Try playing with different textured or patterned bed covers, wall hangings, blankets and pillows, or even introduce planters, baskets, rugs and patterned furniture into the mix. Upholstered headboards can be a great way to introduce another texture without taking up too much space, working perfectly for that boho bedroom.

  • Low-Level Seating and Furniture

Boho decor screams comfort and relaxation and low-level furniture can provide exactly that – we’re talking pouffes, ottomans, bean bags and low sofas that are both inviting and perfect for kicking back and relaxing. The reduced height options can make a room feel cozy and intimate, while still offering all the comfort and security of an everyday living space.

  • Lighter, Natural Colours with Pops of Colour 

While there are no rules with colours in a Bohemian style room, the most effective combination we’ve found is a neutral base with an eclectic mixture of colours. Warm and earthy tones are particularly common, including deep greens, grays and browns, as well as jewel-like colours including electric blues, oranges, purples and other bright colours. Pops of royal blue and bright yellow can add something truly unique to the space too, giving you that little something special that stands out.

  • Plants

Natural elements are a must-have in Boho styled rooms, and what better way to bring nature into a room than with plants? Filling a home with living plants will not only compliment the Boho style, but studies have suggested that they can help improve concentration, air quality and more. Hanging plants are great for homes with limited space, while larger, leafy plants create that natural jungle/forest vibe. Picking the right plants for the room by finding out which can thrive best in low lighting will give them the best chance of survival, even for those who might not have earned their green thumb just yet!

  • Different Light Sources

From unique chandeliers to strings of fairy lights and lanterns, Boho can be easily recognised by the mix of different light sources found in the space. Mixing and matching with different styles and even getting creative with the style of lampshade that you use can complete any Boho interior – why not try a macrame or basket weave lamp shade for that natural, rustic touch?

  • Layering

Layering rugs, blankets and cushions is an ideal way to introduce more texture and colour into a space and is a key component of Bohemian design. Rugs, for example, can be layered up on the floor to introduce different styles – jute, cotton, rustic or a little more modern, all depending on your personal preferences. Blankets can be used in the same way to create cosy and comfortable spaces, with plenty of patterned throw pillows for that touch of extra comfort.

  • Vintage and Handmade Furniture and Decor

Second-hand, handmade and vintage furniture can truly make or break a Boho look. There are no rules as to how rustic things should or shouldn’t be, but the pre-loved, intimate style of second-hand pieces suits bohemian style perfectly. Wooden and wicker materials suit the style best, but anything crafted out of natural materials will fit. Similarly, brassy and warm metalic pieces including planters, lamps and more can all add a unique accent to a Boho space. 

While there are technically no right or wrong answers to Bohemian interior design, knowing the basics can help you better determine just what you want to do with your space. For help picking out the perfect headboard for your Boho bedroom, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.

Luxury Headboards: Treat Yourself This Christmas

This year has been a long one but as we edge through December, it’s safe to say much of the UK has launched into the holiday spirit. From getting Christmas shopping done in advance, to putting up those decorations earlier than usual, many of us are feeling a touch of the festive spirit. In celebration for making it through the year and to get into the holiday mood, why not treat yourself to a brand new luxury headboard? The comfort, sophistication and quality of our luxury headboards are unrivalled, with competitive prices to boot. Here are some of our best.

Adele Upholstered Winged Floor Standing Headboard

The Adele headboard is one of our most stunning winged designs. Its floor standing nature creates a bold statement, offering a tall headboard with plenty of attention-grabbing detail. The button detailing gives it something extra and with 40 different fabrics to choose from, it’s customisable to your own style, preferences and the existing look of your bedroom. There’s no need to stress about fully redecorating for Christmas – the Adele Upholstered Winged headboard adds enough class and style to completely change the look of a room.


Chrystal Floor Standing Headboard

With soft padding and a stunning buttoned design, the Chrystal floor standing headboard is a tall, slim and luxurious headboard perfect for any high-class bedroom. Also available in a range of fabrics, it looks particularly stunning in satin, including the gold satin fabric pictured below. It comes in a range of sizes including single, small double, double, king size, super king. 


Ivy Painted Rattan Headboard

For a lightweight but elegant headboard, the Ivy rattan headboard is inspired by 18th-century French design – the perfect addition to any classy or vintage-design bedroom. Crafted from high-quality birch wood, the smooth rattan is painted in a classic Ivory shade, providing a light, sophisticated and ultimately delicate design that will fit perfectly into an elegant or luxuriously-decorated bedroom. This headboard is currently available in three sizes – Double, King and Super King.


Amelia Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

The Amelia Upholstered floor standing headboard is a simple design that boasts class with it’s soft padded finish. The curved edges and understated design make it the perfect addition to most, if not all bedrooms, adding a touch of sleek style to the space. There are 34 fabrics to choose from to ensure that the colour and material matches your preferences and personality. Available in five different sizes, including single, small double, double, king and super king, it’s the perfect choice for any bedroom.


Chapman Upholstered Winged Floor Standing Headboard

Another floor-standing winged headboard, the Chapman headboard is a stunning, bold design, crafted for easily installation and a lasting wow-factor. The panelled design is soft to the touch, padded for comfort and with plenty of materials to choose from, it’s ideal for any luxurious bedroom with a single, small double, double, king or super kind size bed. The material pictured below is the Shetland – Navy fabric, though plenty of other colours and textures are available so you can match the luxury to your personal preferences.


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Best Budget Upholstered Headboards For An Affordable Bedroom Makeover

As we head into the winter months, upholstered headboards are the perfect solution for creating a warm and cosy bedroom. Soft-touch headboards make for not only somewhere comfortable to sit as you snuggle up before sleep, but can be warmer and more winter-friendly than wooden or metal alternatives. However, we understand that this year has been a tough one and not everyone feels they have the funds to shell out for a luxurious upholstered headboard. Here at Just Headboards, however, we carefully curate and stock some of the highest quality headboards at prices that won’t break the bank. Here, we’ve compiled some of our best budget upholstered headboards for an easy and affordable bedroom makeover.

All prices are correct at time of writing.

Samuel Velour Upholstered Headboard

Available in four sizes – Single, Small Double, Double and King – the Samuel Velour Upholstered Headboard is one of our simplest designs that still screams class, sophistication and quality. Available in two styles, including curved and rectangular, the simplicity makes it the perfect way to complement existing designs, or to design around it how you see fit. Both styles are available in two different velour fabrics – grey or natural – making them a neutral option that will fit in any bedroom.

Prices start from £53.25.

Debra Fabric Upholstered Headboard

The Debra Fabric Upholstered Headboard is another simple style, but has just enough detail to create a truly modern look. Featuring vertical panels and curved cushioning at the top, the subtle but stylish detail only enhance the look, turning an otherwise simple headboard into a focal piece in the room. The Debra headboard is available in five different sizes including small single, single, small double, double and king size, as well as a huge array of gorgeous fabrics and colours.

Prices start from £71.

Briany Upholstered Headboard

For a truly unique headboard that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Briany upholstered headboard offers an elegant shell design with a soft-touch material perfect for a comfortable and cosy coastal bedroom. With plenty of smooth curves and simple line detailing, this is a headboard truly made to wow. Available in single, small double, double and king size, this headboard can be upholstered in over 10 different fabrics. 

Prices start from £66.75.

Digi Upholstered Velour Headboard

For as low as £37.50, the Digi Upholstered Velour Headboard is a simple curved design that gets the job done while offering just enough class and style to suit any bedroom decor. Available in a neutral Linen shade, and a bold Blue, you can choose between a true talking point or something subtle but stylish but most importantly, affordable. This headboard is also available on an express service, making it ideal for those in a rush. Sizes include small single, single, small double, double, large single, king and super king.

Price range from £37.50 to £75.00.

Cuba Maurice Black Upholstered Headboard

For a headboard with a bit of ‘bling’, the Cuba Maurice Black Upholstered Headboard is on the higher end of ‘budget’, but still within an affordable range for those in search of something a little special. This floor-standing design is ideal for bringing stability to a bed frame and with an elegant buttoned style, it can inject luxury into your space. This headboard is in limited supply and available in king size, so act fast! 

Price is £79.80.

For more budget headboards, whether from our upholstered range, or a wooden or metal alternative, take a look at each category and search by price. Alternatively, get in touch and we’ll help you find the perfect headboard for your style and budget.

Your Bedroom Style Guide: Minimalist

If you love clean, neat spaces, minimalism could be the design you need for a truly relaxing bedroom. While some enjoy being surrounded by home comforts, others prefer keeping things clear and tidy for a clear and tidy mind. Our bedrooms are designed for relaxing and unwinding, for getting a good nights sleep and resetting for the next morning, so where better to try out a minimalist design? From limited colour palettes, to keeping things symmetrical, here are our trips for creating a minimalist style.

Keep Furniture Simple

The furniture in your bedroom should be simple, both in style, and in colour. IKEA furniture has been particularly popular for drawers and bedside cabinets for it’s clean lines and simple white or plain wooden designs, but any furniture that fits that description will work. Beds that are sleek and simple, such as wooden or metal platform beds, are ideal over more elaborate designs. The same goes for headboards – simple wooden and upholstered headboards work best in a minimalist style.

The Shaker White Wooden Headboard, for example, is a classic and simple style featuring clean lines and symmetric style, perfect for a minimalist bedroom. 

Bare Walls

While a few bits of artwork or minimalist photographs can complement a space well, plenty of blank wall space will help you to keep things looking neat and fuss-free. This can work in your favour too, by giving more attention to the pieces that deserve it. That painting or artwork you need somewhere special to hang, or that set of photographs you want to make a focal piece out of can all add character to minimalism without sacrificing the neat and simple design.

Limited Colour Palette

For the most part, minimalist designs tend to focus on neutral tones such as white, greys and blacks, however the key is actually just keep things simple and muted. Mid-tone shades are also ideal for minimalism, so if you have a favourite colour you want to implement throughout the space, keep it relatively subdued and it should fit in perfectly.

Add Small Personal Touches

Blankets, photographs, rugs, cushions and other patterns can work well with minimalist designs and if organised properly, can even enhance the space. Your own personal touches, such as textured blankets, patterned rugs or even an abstract painting with a limited palette can fit perfectly. One large but well-chosen piece on the wall or a large rug with a pattern that’s not too busy can work well with the space.


Minimalism, while often thought to be just about keeping things free of mess, actually relies on a balanced space too. Large furniture can work in larger rooms, but should be avoided in smaller spaces, while small furniture might feel too small in a large space.If you can’t afford to buy more furniture for your room, think about how things could be moved around to create a symmetrical layout with better balance. Your eyes should move easily through and around the space and it should feel clean and calm.

Free Of Clutter

Last, but certainly not least, minimalist bedrooms should be free of as much clutter as possible. We all have some clutter in our lives and some might be better at organising and tidying it away than others, but a minimalist bedroom relies on a clutter-free environment as much as possible. Store away as much clutter as you can, but don’t be afraid to display collections neatly where possible. Keep things simple and focus mostly on necessary furniture, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a minimalist space.

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