Headboard Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

A headboard is the focal point of any bedroom and with the right design can have a huge impact on the overall look of the room. From traditional wooden and metal headboards to more modern and contemporary designs, there’s a huge variety to choose from – so where do you start? We’ve compiled some of the top headboard ideas you’ll want to steal for a stylish room in 2020.

Studded Glam

Whether you’re a diamante kind of person, or you’re reaching for the metal studs, a studded headboard can create a bold statement and a luxurious look perfect for the bedroom.

The Hilton Upholstered Floor Standing headboard, for example, features diamante studs that produce a cushioned effect, helping to keep things cosy but stylish for bedtime. 

Hilton Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

The Liria Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard is another studded piece that takes it one step further, with additional stud detailing around the edges and the roll-top design. Available in over 40 colours and materials, you can be as bold or as chic as you desire. 

Liria Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

If you want something a little more subtle but equally as elegant, the Cleopatra Luxury Fabric Headboard features a unique studded border design and comes in over 20 colours to suit any bedroom.

Cleopatra Luxury Fabric Headboard

Bold Patterns

Bold, statement designs aren’t just popular in headboards – the use of abstract patterns and bold colours even within minimalistic decor is an ever-growing trend in interior design as a whole. Whether it’s a bright pop of colour or, you guessed it, a boldly patterned headboard, having the centre focus in every room is considered to be very on-trend this year. 

For animal lovers or anyone seeking a touch of glam in their bedroom, the Blockley Black and White Faux Cow Hide headboard has a boutique style with a wide black border and studded detailing for that truly bold look. Available in two heights and two fixing options, it’s a flexible option for anyone looking for that statement piece in their bedroom. 

Blockley Black And White Faux Cow Hide Headboard

Any wanderlust sufferer should take a look at the Galileo Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard. This trendy and unique print headboard features some of the world’s greatest landmarks and is sure to make a statement in any bedroom. With a white faux leather border, it’ll fit into any modern bedroom with ease.

Galileo Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a long-standing trend that’s perfect not only for students and teenagers but anyone wanting a spot of light in their room that also makes a statement.

For easy installation, wooden slatted and metal headboards work best; the Shaker White Wooden Headboard, for example, features slats that make for easy wrapping of fairy lights, and the white colour ensures that they’ll always stand out.

Shaker White Wooden Headboard

The Ashley Rose Gold Metal Headboard, on the other hand, offers the same easy wrapping but offers it’s own unique style with crystal effect decorations that’ll help any white lights stand out perfectly. The simple design will also fit in with any bedroom decor, and is also available in Nickel if Rose Gold doesn’t suit.

Ashley Rose Gold Metal Headboard

Get Creative With Children’s Bedrooms

The realm of possibilities is endless when it comes to children’s bedrooms, particularly when it comes to headboards. Fun, bright colours and unique designs can add originality and personality to their space and encourage a sense of individuality too.

For infants and young children, a Teddy Bear Children’s Wooden Headboard is a simple but fun design featuring an etched-out teddy bear. It’s made from solid pine for durability and comes in both single, and small single sizes to cater to children of any age.

Teddy Bear Children's Wooden Headboard

For slightly older children, the Heart Faux Leather Headboard is a stylish but simple one that features a cushioned heart design that will age well as your child grows. It’s easy to clean and comes in a range of colours to match your child’s developing personal tastes.

Heart Faux Leather Headboard

For sports-loving kids, the Football Faux Leather Headboard features a similar design but with a football instead. Both the heart, and football designs are available in single bed sizes (3ft), are easy to clean and come with the struts needed to fix it to your child’s bed.

Football Faux Leather Headboard

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