Why A Headboard Is A Must-Have In Any Bedroom

“Do I need a headboard?” is a common question we hear all too often. Whether you’re buying a new bed or your existing one is in need of a little uplift, headboards can provide a comfortable, cosy and stylish addition to any bedroom. While a bed can function without one, the right headboard can keep you warm, protect your walls, keep your pillows secure and add to the overall decor to provide a more restful sleeping experience.

Keep Your Pillows Secure

There’s nothing quite as disorientating in the mornings than waking up to no pillows, only to discover they’ve fallen right between your bed and the wall. With a headboard, you can remove that risk completely by eliminating the gap and giving your pillows the perfect support to rest on while you sleep. It will keep them dust-free, damp-free and right where they’re supposed to be.

Keep Things Warm And Cosy

You might not think about a headboard as being a source of warmth or comfort, but the reality is that they can provide support when you’re sitting up in bed and keep the cold at bay from your walls during cooler weather. Even a simple cushioned headboard like our Samuel Velour Upholstered headboards can provide comfort when you’re sitting reading, drinking a cup of tea or having a little browse on your laptop or tablet, while also providing protection against the cold. If your bed rests against an outside wall, a headboard can add another layer between the cold or poorly-insulated walls and keep you warmer while you sleep.

Protect Or Cover Up Your Wall

Marks, stains or wallpaper tears are an unfortunate reality of a bedroom. Whether it was putting the bed in your room, or left-over from an old headboard, or even mysteriously turned up overnight, a new headboard can not only cover up existing marks and stains but protect your walls from any additional damage. For a kid’s bedroom, for example, an easy-to-clean headboard will not only protect the wall from grubby fingers but is simple to wipe off to keep things looking clean. The Moon Children’s Faux Leather Headboard is the perfect example of a wipe-clean headboard perfect for a kid’s bedroom. 

They Can Add To The Decor

Decorating and can’t seem to find that final touch to make it all come together? Well, a headboard can be both a subtle addition that creates a neat finish, or a bold, statement piece that draws the eye. We have a huge range of simple but stylish wooden, metal, upholstered and luxury headboards in a variety of colours, as well as bold designs sure to wow any guests. The Cleopatra Luxury Fabric Headboard offers the best of both worlds with a simple, stylish design that is still bold and draws the eye thanks to the studded, almost diamante-looking detailing.

For Feng Shui

If you’ve never heard of Feng Shui, this Chinese philosophical system is said to promote harmony within yourself and with the environment around you. A headboard can improve the Feng Shui in your room by providing a sense of comfort and safety, thought to originate from when humanity lived in caves and had supports behind them at all times.

A headboard is a must-have for any individual or family wanting to create a comfortable, warm and well-balanced environment in their bedroom. From keeping out the cold to offering protection for the wall during the night, a headboard has a number of uses. For more information or help choosing the right headboard for your bedroom, feel free to get in touch, or have a browse of our range to find the perfect one for you.