Revamping Your Bedroom On A Budget

Whether you’re stuck in a rut and want to freshen up your space or you just think your room is in need of some TLC, revamping your bedroom can give things a whole new lease of life. However, if your budget is limited, you might not have the funds to completely renovate the space, so how do you go about refreshing your bedroom without spending a fortune? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you get started.

A Lick Of Paint

A fresh lick of paint around your bedroom can help to not only fix any smudges, stains or flaking paint, but can even make the whole room feel brighter and brand new. A new coat of paint, whether the same colour or a new one, is one of the fastest ways to have things feeling brand new and refreshed and if done right, can completely change the look and design. Going darker, lighter, more muted or bolder can all change the overall atmosphere of a room without ever having to touch a single piece of furniture or buy anything more than a tub of paint.

Create A Feature Wall

If you want to take the painting to a new level, what about creating a feature wall? Whether it’s a different, more bold colour compared to the other walls, or you invest in a roll or two or wallpaper instead, creating a feature can not only add something new and increase wow factor, but it can also make smaller rooms like bigger and give bigger rooms a more unique, stylish and yet cosy feel. 

Install A New Headboard

A headboard can add something new to your bedroom without having to invest in a whole new bed frame. You have the freedom to choose whichever headboard that will suit your room best and in most cases, they are an inexpensive option that can completely refresh and revamp the space. Modern designs offer bold, unique prints for that statement bedroom and more traditional designs can bring a cosy, comfortable and relaxing environment perfect for a bedroom.

Our Bonetti Opan White slatted headboard, for example, starts from just £79.05, yet offers a classic but stylish finish.


Get Crafty

What better way to create a personalised space than to make the decorations yourself? From a complete DIY project, to revamping a second-hand piece of furniture or an accessory, getting crafty allows you to design your room exactly how you want to. No more searching for that perfect mirror – you can paint one for yourself. 

  • Make DIY Pictures

One of the most underrated decorations for any room is pictures or paintings on the wall, but they also happen to be one of the best ways to add personality and character to a room, ultimately refreshing or revamping what may have previously felt like a dull space. Try and create your own artwork – you don’t have to be an amazing artist to create something worth framing. You could try paint-pouring art, or any other easy DIY art projects that suit your ideal bedroom.

  • Make Your Own Cushion Covers and Blankets

Whether you’re good at crafts like knitting, sewing or crochet, or you know how to use a dab of fabric glue, creating your own cushion covers is a great way to inject personality into your bedroom. Freshen up the feel of the space with unique cushion covers that are entirely original to you and with the added benefit of being hand made and budget-friendly. All you need is the materials you want to add to the cushion cover, and in some cases, a plain cover if you want to work directly onto one that has already been made.

If you’re handy with a crochet hook or some knitting needles, you could also try your hand at making blankets with chunky yarn. You can also knit with your arms for a very chunky blanket, but shop around for affordable skeins of yarn to prevent paying out more than you can afford.

Move Things Around

Finally, moving things around your room can be a useful way to revamp and repurpose the space without having to spend any money at all. You can create what feels like an entirely different and new room with minimal effort and just a bit of time. You could move unnecessary furniture out of the room to increase the space available and open things up to make it brighter and more airy, or even make space for a furniture piece or accessory you’ve been wanting to bring into your room. Even the smallest of movements can revamp a bedroom, so plan out the best and most efficient places your furniture can be for a fresh new look.

Revamping a bedroom doesn’t have to be costly. From a fresh coat of paint to a new orientation in the room itself and, of course, a new headboard to finish off the look, you can have a good-as-new bedroom without spending a fortune.

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