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Your Bedroom Style Guide: Traditional

While the term ‘traditional’ in interior design does refer to a style that’s firmly anchored in days past, today’s take on traditional decor is anything but dated. Creating a traditional style bedroom can be interesting, exciting and somewhat modern without taking away from the traditional style. Whether you’re a fan of antiques or you’d rather capture the design with more contemporary furnishings, we’ve put together our guide to help you get started. 

What Is Traditional Style?

‘Traditional’ decor doesn’t directly refer to any particular era of time and instead, is a general term referring to a collection of varied design styles and eras. Typically, this is 18th and 19th century European decor, with elegant designs and rich, sophisticated styles that practically ooze grandeur. Today, this is often recreated with a modern twist, but is still the perfect route for those with a love for antiques, classic art, elegance and historical design. 

How Do I Get A Traditional Style Bedroom?

While the term might be a general one, there are a few guidelines you can follow to really encompass that ‘traditional’ style look that you’ve been racing for your bedroom. From colour schemes, to furniture choices and accessories, doing the following will help you achieve the traditional look:


When it comes to colour in traditional decor, you’d be forgiven for thinking of rich browns and deep reddish tones and nothing else, when the reality is very different. Today’s ‘traditional’ stylings give you the freedom to play with colour as you please meaning that if you want those rich tones, then go ahead but if you want something lighter, the choice is entirely yours. However, it’s important to step away from whitewashing the space and instead, using colours as a base. Period looks typically use muted but powerful colours, including creams, light browns, green and other earthy tones, but a pop of colour such as reds and blues, if incorporated properly, can really liven up the space without compromising the whole look.


While it’s entirely possible to pick out a range of furniture from a particular era, traditional design allows you to pick out pieces from throughout the eras to work harmoniously together and create something unique – and yes, that includes buying brand new furniture, providing it pays homage to time passed. Clear out anything that doesn’t seem to have a particular period inspiration and swap it in with an old-timey piece that fits perfectly. Our Ivy Painted Rattan Headboard, for example, boasts a traditional shape and elegant features, while remaining a subtle, understated colour to really blend in with the space you create. 

Materials & Textiles

Materials and textiles are another area where you can really play around with the things you like to suit the design you’re looking to achieve. As a base to start, however, you can look into delicate antique materials, antique tapestries, or even modern florals to really pay homage to the past. Stripes also suit a traditional space well, but be careful not to embark too far into geometric designs as this can be too ‘sterile’ or modern for a traditional space. Gingham, however, will also hold it’s own in a traditional space.


Traditional style decor is perfect for those that love a little bit of antique clutter, providing it’s carefully selected and placed. You could pick out anything from mid-century vases, to dramatic and captivating paintings and patterns including rugs, cushions and more. Flowers, ornaments, chandeliers and vases are all very at home in this kind of decor, so feel free to explore your own personal style and pick out the pieces you like best for your space.


Elegance is everything when it comes to the window treatments in a traditional bedroom. Neutral toned drapes are a great way to keep light in your room without stepping away from the traditional decor, but decadent heavy curtains and dramatic Austrian shades are also very at-home in this style. Whatever you choose, bare windows don’t have a place in traditional decor so it’s important to think about the overall design of your room and what will suit the space best. 

For more information about traditional design and which of our headboards will suit the style best, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.