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Our Tips For A Perfect Princess Bedroom For Your Little One

A princess theme is a much-loved addition to any little one’s bedroom, and getting the design right for you and for them is a fun but delicate balance. From picking the right theme for their age, to making it simple to redesign the room in the future, we’ve put together our guide to the perfect princess bedroom for your little one. 

Pick a Theme

The first thing you need to do is pick a theme. Now, you may be thinking – isn’t princess a theme of it’s own? And the answer is technically, yes. However, every little prince or princess will likely have their own preferences as to what kind of room they want. Whether it’s themed around a particular Disney princess or another character, or they simply have a favourite colour and want the whole room decorated in that, these are a theme in and of themselves. There’s the debate between a princess castle vs. a princess’ bedroom, or a fantasy fairy princess or a more modern royal family take – the possibilities are endless and you can discuss with your little one what they want and which theme this might fit into.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Pink!

Following on from the point above, not every princess bedroom needs to be pink! Maybe your little prince or princess likes blue or purple over pink or prefers gold and silver – whatever you choose, designing a bedroom fit for royalty is still very much possible. For example, our Eva or Ben upholstered headboards come in pink (Eva) or blue (Ben) and are a great starting point for building up the rest of the decoration. Similarly, the Heart Faux Leather Headboard is also available in a range of colours, making it the perfect choice for any colour theme.

Use Stickers Rather Than Wallpaper Or Paint

If you know that your child changes their preferences regularly, or you simply want to make sure you can make quick work of redecorating as they grow up, wall stickers are the perfect compromise. Wall stickers are growing in popularity every day and for this reason, you can get everything from personalised names stickers to Disney princesses or other characters fit for royalty. Simply stick them down, then peel them back off carefully when the time comes to redecorate.

Or Use Stencils For Quick Wall Decor

If you’d rather have something a little more permanent but easy to deal with later down the line, you could use stencils to paint shapes on the walls. These should be easy to rub down and paint over in the future, but are less likely to be peeled off by your children in the meantime. All you have to do is paint the walls a solid colour, then use princess-themed stencils and paint over them to create the shapes. Even the least artistic of parents can do this and personalise the design according to their little one’s wishes.

Embrace Tulle

Tulle is one of the most prominent parts of any princess bedroom. From princess dresses to tutus and bed canopies, tulle is a common material associated with the princess look and a very popular fabric choice for kids in general. It’s a cheap fabric that’s easy to find and to utilise where needed, whether that’s as a canopy across your child’s bed or as a bed skirt or even a window covering. This makes it ideal for a growing child’s bedroom and fits in with the theme perfectly.

Use Lighting As Decoration

From fake chandeliers to princess-themed lamps and lights, lighting can be a great practical way to inject the theme into the room. Anything from a child-friend chandelier to a vintage piece from a second-hand shop can work well for a royally themed bedroom, and also offer a budget-friendly option for those looking for quick and simple decoration ideas.

For more information about a princess themed room and how our headboards could fit into the overall design, get in touch with our team today.