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Your Bedroom Style Guide: Modern

Whether you’re living in a modern home and want to bring the bedroom up to scratch, or you’re looking to create a modern interior for a traditionally built house, understanding the style and how to create it for yourself can give you a headstart with your decorating. Modern design is sleek, stylish and streamlined, offering a comfortable and unique living space perfect for any bedroom. Here, we’re looking into just what Modern design is, and how you can achieve the look for your bedroom.

What Is Modern Design?

With roots in the early to mid-20th century modernist movement, Modern interior decor celebrates form, structure and a sleek finish. It depicts smooth surfaces, large expanses of space and surfaces like stone, wood, steel and more. The overall look of any modern space is clean and sleek, free of clutter or too many embellishments, with crisp and sculptural lines throughout. It celebrates minimalist design and the architecture of a building, rather than covering it up with clutter and for this reason, is one of the most stylish and popular styles around today. While it appears on-trend, Modern design isn’t actually “trendy” in terms of keeping up with changing trends. Modern decor is more securely rooted in 20th-century design and is, therefore, a strong standalone design in and of itself.

Modern vs. Contemporary

Modern and Contemporary designs are very similar in look but have a few distinct differences that can help you determine which may be best for your home or space. Where modern design movements rest in modernist art and the Bauhaus, an art school in contemporary design in Germany in the early 20th Century. Contemporary, on the other hand, isn’t tied to a particular time period and therefore, can change as times and preferences change according to whatever is popular at the time. 

How Do I Create A Modern Bedroom?

With a better understanding of what modern design is, you can approach the design of your bedroom with clarity. From keeping space in mind to using crisp and bright colour palettes, creating a modern bedroom is simple. Here’s what you need to know: 


Space is everything in a Modern bedroom, with a key focus on ensuring space between objects and furniture in the room. Empty wooden floors can be covered by a simple rug in a neutral colour to complement the space and protect the surface, while clean-lined furnishings with minimal clutter or decoration on top will work to provide that modern look. If you’re someone who prefers a bit of clutter in your bedroom, the modern design may not work for you.

Crisp Colour Palettes

In keeping with the preference for space, modern designs tend to utilise crisp and light colour palettes to help open up a room and create breathing space. Base colours are typically neutral tones such as light greys, whites, cream, wheat, stone, beige and similar. Monochrome also fits with a Modern decor room well, and pops of brighter colours are allowed and very much encouraged. Artwork or accessories such as cushions and throws in colours like bright reds, blues and teals can really liven up the space and bring it together perfectly.

Warm Textiles 

Due to the spacious and neutral nature of modern design, including texture throughout can really make or break the room. Different textiles and textures, from blankets and throws, to cushions and furniture, can really create that cosy look that you want from a bedroom. The use of quilted materials or sculptured wood can bring the space to life and inject a bit of character and comfort into Modern spaces.


For those that enjoy a bit of decor in their rooms, sculptured lighting and ornaments can help inject your personality into your space. For lighting, sculptured pieces made from shiny metals like silver, gold or copper, as well as matte-painted woods in blacks, whites, beiges and other neutral tones fit in with the theme well whilst also providing that unique and character-filled touch.


Modern decor is clean, crisp and sleek, with streamlined silhouettes that compliment the architecture of a space. Low-rise beds fit with this perfectly by creating a sense of more space above, while glass accent tables provide a similar effect by creating that smooth, shiny surface while giving the illusion of little space being really taken up. 

Luxury Decor Elements

While Modern might be somewhat minimalistic, there’s no reason who you can’t have your little luxuries to really bring the room together and make it your own. Every detail in a Modern bedroom has importance due to presence of so much space, so carefully chosen accents and decorations are a must. You could opt for modern artwork or photography on the walls in a simple frame, sculptures or ornaments made from metal, wood, glass or ceramic, or even a rug with an interesting geometric pattern. For the bedroom in particular, you could opt for a stylish headboard that offers a pop of colour and luxury while still meeting the Modern decor criteria. The Debra Upholstered Headboard, for example, offers texture and bold colour, while maintaining the crisp lines and space of a Modern room. 

For more information about Modern decor and which of our headboards will fit the style best, feel free to get in touch with our team, or have a browse for yourself, today.