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Your Bedroom Style Guide: Art Deco

The Art Deco design style brings three words to mind – opulence, glamour and luxury. These three themes encompass the Art Deco style, offering those who take on its brilliance in their homes. The style has roots in 20th-century decorative styles, offering a timeless and classic look that can have you living the glamorous lifestyle of your dreams. Take a look at our guide below to get started.

What Is Art Deco?

While it was first introduced into the French design scene before the First World War, the Art Deco style didn’t truly take off until the roaring 20s. Taking from functional living, technological advances and the famous silver screen, Art Deco truly brings the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to life, embodying luxury at its finest. The times brought with them improvements in aviation, international travel, technology and more, meaning that people had better access to worldwide influences than ever before. These influences quickly took off in the Art Deco scene, inspiring the bold and exuberant style that we know today.

How To Achieve The Look

The classic and timeless nature of the Art Deco style makes it a design that many of us can and are adopting today, whether that’s just a few elements in a room or a full floor-to-ceiling design. If you’re here, chances are you are looking to introduce this style into your space. Here, we’ve listed some of the key elements you should consider.


Every design style has its own unique motifs, and Art Deco is no exception to that rule. Bold, fluid and geometric shapes are most common in this design, with symmetrical patterns designed to mimic and pay homage to the technological progress that was occurring during the time. With the international influence added in, motifs could vary from something as simple as chevrons and zigzag patterns to hieroglyphic symbols and animal print. Common motifs include: 

  • Chevrons and Zigzag Patterns
  • Stepped Shapes
  • Sweeping Curves
  • Stylised Wildlife
  • Abstract Portraits
  • Jagged Edges
  • Pointed Shapes
  • Sunbursts
  • Animal Prints (e.g. Zebra Stripes)


The materials used in traditional Art Deco styles often revolved around high-end fashionable fabrics, including things like velvet, suede and a generous helping of gold and steel. Other materials such as animal furs and hides were also common as a way to showcase wealth and sophistication at the time. Today, we can utilise fake furs and hides to produce the same effect in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Common materials you could choose include velvet, stainless steel, mirrored glass, chrome and lacquer, as well as expensive high-end furnishing materials such as ebony and mahogany woods, and marble.

The Cleopatra Luxury Fabric Headboard features three key elements of the Art Deco style – velvet material, geometric motifs and a shiny black finish, making this the perfect addition to any well-styled room. 


When you think Art Deco, chances are you imagine deep, bold colours and rightly so – the colours of the period are striking, deep, rich and expensive tones often offset by the shine and glitz of chrome, silvers, golds and high-gloss blacks. Deep reds, greens blues, pinks and yellows suit the style perfectly, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to really make the space your own. That being said, those with a penchant for the more subtle can utilise softer colours like creams and beiges, as well as neutral colours such as natural wood finishes to help soften the Art Decor design without giving it up completely.


Art Deco has roots set deep in the silver screen, which is why furniture of this style is typically large but streamlined, perfect for creating a bold and striking space without the need for intricate detail. Chairs and sideboards are particularly commonly oversized, with plenty of space for comfort and functionality whilst maintaining the classic and glamorous style that is central to Art Deco design.


Lighting is a great way to not only physically brighten up a room but can be a quick and simple way to bring character into your space. Art Deco light fixtures fit in with the theme just how you might expect – they feature geometric and symmetrical patterns, though are often more highly detailed than other furniture items. They are designed to create unique silhouettes, with shades made of anything from chrome and steel to etched glass and mirrored materials. Opal glass is also popular due to its expensive appearance, despite being utilised in design long before Art Deco became popular.

For more information about the Art Deco style or the luxury headboards we have in stock that will suit the space perfectly, feel free to get in touch with our team, today.