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Transform Your Attic Into A Stylish Bedroom With Our Design Tips

Whether you already have an attic that’s ready to be used as a bedroom or you’re still in the beginning stages of converting it into a livable space, using this extra room in your home is a great way to expand without splashing out for an extension. However, attic bedrooms often result in awkwardly shaped spaces and you certainly wouldn’t be alone if you’re struggling with just what to do to make this a bedroom to be proud of. We’ve put together some of our best tips to help you form the perfect plan for your room, below.

Start By Measuring Everything

First thing’s first, you want to have a clear idea of just what space you have to work with. Measuring every wall, nook and cranny can help you determine just what you have room for and what you might need to get a little more creative with. Taking time at the very start of the design process to not only assess the space but to take measurements will put you in a better position for choosing furniture, working out the best ways to use awkward spaces and ensuring you make the most of every inch of the room. 

Use Light To Your Advantage

Making sure the room is well lit from the very start will make your decorating and designing process far easier. Your attic may already have a skylight window, or you can have one installed – whichever the case, natural light is invaluable to our health and our body clocks, and can’t be mimicked with any alternative lighting. Having a good light in the room is also important – depending on the shape of the space, you may benefit more from lamps rather than a pendant light or in some cases, a blend of both is best.

Create Bold Statements With A Headboard

Whether the attic space you have is small or pretty spacious, headboards are a must-have for creating that stylish, bold and personality-driven atmosphere perfect for a bedroom. Headboards are a space-conscious solution to creating character in a room, particularly when opting for fun, colourful or unique shapes. The Kandin luxury upholstered headboard, for example, is a bold, geometric shape that’s available in 33 different material and colour combinations, making for the perfect piece to customise to your own personal style.

Consider Squaring Off The Ceiling For Storage

If the ceiling in your attic is high and pointed, you could consider squaring it off and creating overhead storage. For rooms that lack floor space but are taller, overhead storage with a ladder or step access can offer a neat and tidy storage solution while also providing the additional benefit of extra insulation. Use the new space for anything from standard bedroom items like books and clothes, to the items that would’ve been stored in the attic prior to the conversion.

Create A Feature Wall

Feature walls can not only liven up a space but also offer the benefit of adding additional decoration without actually taking up any room. Bold wallpapers are everywhere nowadays, from floral and natural prints to geometric designs and even realistic bookshelves or murals. Bookshelf wallpaper, for example, could create the illusion of more space in your room than there is, giving the look of a vast shelving unit without actually utilising space.

Use Awkward Spaces To Your Advantage

Whether it’s a crawlspace or simply the space under sloping eaves that just don’t seem tall enough for any standard furniture, using these awkward spaces to your advantage with DIY storage solutions can help you really make the most of your room. This is where measuring comes in – whether it’s installing simple wooden shelves in a crawl space to create a unit, or you build or look for shelves with sloped tops to suit awkward slots, having an idea of measurements can help you hunt down the best solutions.

Make The Space Modern With Bold Block Colour

Our attics are often their own kind of time capsule, showcasing the very structure of your home through beams, eaves and even colouring. While you may want to keep any vintage beams, those wanting a more modern bedroom should consider painting the whole space in one block colour. Give the room a modern twist by painting woodwork, beams and even skirting boards in the same colour for a striking yet stylish alternative to fully wallpapering a space or fighting with masking tape around the woodwork. 

For more information about which of our headboards can fit into your attic space, feel free to browse our collection or get in touch with a member of our team for advice, today.