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Your Bedroom Style Guide: Victorian

Lavish, highly detailed and ornate, the Victorian interior design is a traditional-style interior decor design with its roots securely in the reign of Queen Victoria. Based on the luxury and opulence of the wealthy during the time, with international influences scattered throughout, Victorian interior design has stood the test of time and is still common in today’s design markets. In fact, the release of TV shows such as Bridgerton, The Crown and even the new Dracula adaptation on the BBC has driven Victorian style back into the limelight. Whether you’re looking to incorporate some elements, or completely revamp your bedroom, we have some tips and tricks to help you get started.

What Is Victorian Interior Design?

At its very core, Victorian Interior Design celebrates the elegant style seen during the Victorian era – specifically, in high-class homes and high-status environments. Ornamental in nature, this particular design style is unique in its blend of different historical and cultural styles. A single room could feature anything from gothic elements to regency influence and more. Victorian interiors were all about showcasing wealth and for that reason, no room was left undecorated or bare. Paintings, patterned wallpaper and tapestries were all commonly found on walls in an array of colours across the entire period, with each home holding its own individual style. Today, Victorian interior design is similar in its opulent design but can be blended with a modern and sophisticated twist. Here’s how you can achieve the look:


The colours featured in Victorian design really differ depending on the time period you want to focus on. The early Victorian period was typically darker, with typically regal tones such as maroons, burgundy, ruby reds, deep greens, navy blues and golden browns. During the Victorian period, homes were typically heated by fires that used coal to burn, which ultimately led to soot and ash finding its way around the home. Darker colours were a good way to hide that without having to constantly keep cleaning. Towards the latter end of the period, however, colours got brighter, with more bold tones and pastel colours for a lighter overall look. For a perfect blend between both, you could decorate in lighter colours and add deeply coloured accents around the room to incorporate both time periods.


When it comes to furniture, there aren’t many rules for Victorian style with one exception – most furniture items matched in with the ornate, ornamental style of the period. There was no single style that particularly dominated the time period, but comfort and ornament were popular. Our Lauren Antique Ivory Metal Headboard, for example, offers all of the elegant, ornamental style of the victorian period while also maintaining the modern practicality of a metallic headboard.


Throughout the Victorian period, there was a range of different flooring options popular amongst the wealthy, some more similar than others. Wooden floors were a commonplace part of Victorian style, particularly those arranged in parquet patterns, but tiling, matting, drugget and broadloom carpeting were also common options for flooring throughout the home. Venetian flooring also had a solid place in Victorian decor. 


As you might have already guessed, when it comes to Victorian interior design, decoration is everything. Home decor was a core focus during the time period, with every room decorated to the nines. It was a show of wealth, a way to showcase just how much money a family had – the more decorations, the more money they had to spend. Walls were adorned with paintings, drawings, pictures and tapestries, while every surface was covered with souvenirs, vases, lace, china and more. Embroidery was prominent in cushions and blankets, while stained glasswork was another show of true wealth.

Window Coverings

What better way to show wealth than with heavy, expensive fabrics? Windows treatments in the Victorian era were often heavy, rich materials such as velvet, silk, wool and more. They were often bold in colour, with some featuring floral or leaf patterns to really showcase opulence. 

If you’re unsure on which headboards will suit the Victorian style best, feel free to have a browse through our range or get in touch with a member of our team, today.