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Eager for Christmas Already? Here Are Some Subtle Bedroom Decorating Tips To Get You Started Early

Whether you’re a Christmas fanatic and are ready and raring for the festive season to arrive, or are just looking to get a sprinkling of that holiday spirit to brighten up a tough couple of years, getting the decorations up early this year could definitely be forgiven. However, there are ways you can start to decorate your bedroom or even your entire home, that is far more subtle than tinsel and Christmas trees that are far more subtle and socially acceptable in the weeks running up to December. From treating yourself to a stylish bedroom addition to installing fairy lights, here are our bedroom decorating tips for a subtle easing into Christmas.

Is It Too Early To Decorate?

Chances are, if you’re a fan of Christmas, you’ll have come across plenty of Grinches that tell you Christmas decorations shouldn’t even be looked at until December 1st or, god forbid, Christmas Eve. But, you’ll be happy to know that feeling the Christmas Spirit early could actually be good for your mental health. Psychologists suggest that putting up the decorations early could cause a spike in dopamine, a hormone in our systems that gives us good, happy feelings. Decking the halls a little early to feel good in ourselves doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Treat Yourself Early

First thing’s first, it’s time to enter that Christmas spirit. While Christmas isn’t just about gifts, starting the season off with a treat for yourself can help you get into the right mood to really take on everything the holiday has to offer. Our headboards offer a long-lasting, cost-efficient and comfortable treat that can not only boost your mood but help set up your room ready for some Christmas cheer. Our Shaker Grey Wooden headboard is not only the perfect wintry colour for a sleek and simple bedroom design but offers the perfect set-up for winding fairy lights and tinsel around, ready for that all-important holiday.

Keep Decorations Winter Themed

If you’re ready to start decorating but you aren’t quite on board with anything heavily festive or Christmas-related, keeping things themed more to winter can be a good way to get the best of both worlds. Snowflakes, woolly hats and reindeer motifs, as well as Scandanavian prints all have a comfortable place in Christmas decoration but are also a good way to ease into the season as early as November. As the weather gets colder, cosy knits and Scandanavian pillows or throws offer a nod to Christmas decoration without looking out of place and can really help create that comfortable and warm atmosphere you want for your winter-ready bedroom. Stars are another safe bet, whether that’s in print form or for wall decorations and fresh greens such as pine branches and holly can bring some life into a space in plant pots or as flourishes around your room. 

Fairy Lights Are A Must

There’s never a wrong time for fairy lights, so if you’re the kind of person that typically leaves them for Christmas, they could be the very thing you need to really bring the season into your bedroom. Wrapped around your headboard, strung up along bookshelves or set up around plants or other furniture and decoration can really add a magical touch to your space that will help bring the festive spirit to your bedroom.

Be Minimalistic 

Finally, the best way to ease into Christmas decoration in November is to keep things minimalistic. Utilising things like mason jars as pots for fir branches and pine cone mixes, or popping festive-smelling candles around your room can be great ways to introduce festivity into the room without any drastic decoration or changes. Minimalistic seasonal wreaths can be another subtle way to bring Christmas into the space – wreaths made from twine and twigs and adorned with seasonal greenery can be a great starting point, with increasingly Christmas-centric decoration added as the weeks go on leading up to Christmas.

Ready to decorate your bedroom? We hope our tips have helped you on your journey! For more information about our headboards and which could suit your room best, get in touch with a member of our team, today.