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Your Bedroom Style Guide: Modern Farmhouse

While Farmhouse design has been around for decades, rustic and almost rural-seeming designs have taken the world by storm in recent years. Farmhouse interior design offers the perfect blend of modern and rural design. Creating a more sophisticated atmosphere than the likes of country or cottagecore styles, Farmhouse is proving to be a worthy style of choice for those wanting a rural touch without compromising on modern comforts. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Farmhouse Design?

Farmhouse as an interior design theme is closely related to a number of different styles, offering a unique blend that fits perfectly in the modern day. With roots in traditional countryside styles but crossed with contemporary and often minimalistic design, Farmhouse decor creates a clean but rustic and cosy atmosphere throughout the home. Modern farmhouse interiors are a world away from the cluttered rural design you might initially think of and instead, create a sleek but comfortable home you can be proud of.

How Do I Decorate?

Decorating in the Farmhouse style, whether throughout the whole home or just in the bedroom, is relatively simple if you know what to look for and what finish you need to aim for. From focal points, to key motifs and decor items, here’s what you need to consider:

Relaxation At Its Core

Despite it’s sophisticated and stylish nature, Farmhouse interior decor has one key theme at it’s core – relaxation. Everything about the design is carefully curated around creating a cosy space to live in and an atmosphere that’ll have you wanting to snuggle up in bed or on the couch. You should feel like you can live in your home without fear and without tiptoeing around as a result of your decor. Furniture and decor shouldn’t be delicate or look too fragile to be touched or used. From mismatched linen to worn wood and odd chairs, farmhouse style encompasses easy living while still maintaining and capturing a sophisticated air.

Neutral Tones Are Best

Neutral tones are the most commonly found in Farmhouse design, and for good reason. The neutral, easy tones are not only easy to look at, but beiges and warm browns can create a cosy yet contemporary look that is perfect for the style. Starting your colour scheme with different shades of browns and greys is a good place to start, and you should avoid opting for any harsher colours beyond a few accents. For example, charcoal shades rather than solid black can soften the look and create that cosier feeling. With a neutral base, however, you can go forward and mix and match in the future with accents to make for easy refreshing and designing if or when your tastes change. Muted tones offer that natural feel, but pops of greens and blues, or even some reds or yellows can bring a room to life as you ease through the seasons.

Get Creative With Textures

The mismatched nature of Farmhouse decor means you have every opportunity to play with different patterns and textures to create a unique look. Swap out high-gloss bed frames and replace them with textured linen or wood. You can even opt for a headboard in matching materials, or shake things up and mis-match those too! A wooden bedframe with a metal headboard can really add a unique look to your room and embrace a style different from the norm yet perfect for Farmhouse.

Think Rustic

Rustic is everything in farmhouse design, whether you’re sticking with a more traditional finish or keeping things modern. Distressed wood and metals, as well as exposed brickwork and other weathered materials help to create unique textures that really lend themselves to the style. Wooden floors and brickwork walls (even if you cheat and use brick-effect wallpaper!) are a good place to start, but you can branch out to furniture and your everyday items. Rustic wooden shelving, side tables and even a rug that’s seen some wear and tear can all help to create the perfect Farmhouse look.

Include Key Decor Items

While modern farmhouse design focuses more on neat and clean and avoids clutter, there are some key elements that you can include to really wrap up this style. Plaques and wooden signs are a good starting point, though be sure to think about where they’re being placed and whether they belong there. Filling an empty space with a cute quote sign can help to finish off a room, but over-cluttering a shelf with different pictures, signs and similar can ruin the clean and neat overall look. Soft blankets and pillows also have their place in Farmhouse design, but be sure not to make things too matchy-matchy. Mismatched decor elements that are well placed and not too cluttered are the best way to finish up a Farmhouse-style bedroom. 

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