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From Luxury To Cosy – Here Are Our Top Festive Headboard Picks

With the holiday season well underway, more and more of us are running headfirst into the glitz, glitter and glamour of the period. The decorations might already be up, the house might already be cleaned, but there is always room for one more change – how about a luxury headboard? Treating yourself this festive season will not only end the year in the best way but provide you with the comfort you deserve to start the new year in style. Here are our top picks.

For Budget Luxury – Lennox Crushed Velvet Upholstered Headboard

If you’re on a tighter budget this holiday season but are in need of a new, stylish headboard, the Lennox crushed velvet upholstered headboard is undoubtedly one to consider. The design is simple in shape and style, offering sophistication coupled with the luxury of crushed velvet for true comfort. The Lennox headboard is available as wall-mounted, with six colours to choose from to suit your space best. You can also benefit from a range of sizes starting from single, all the way through to Emperor size.

For Something ‘Extra’ – Vicereine Upholstered Winged Floor Standing Headboard

Another stunning crushed-velvet headboard, the Vicereine Upholstered headboard is the true epitome of glitz and glamour with the added extra of wings. The two ‘winged’ sides of the headboard offer a cosier, more finished style that truly encompasses luxury at its finest. The Vicereine is a floor standing headboard that has been crafted with the finest materials to provide the strength, sturdiness and durability needed for a long-lasting headboard you can rely on. Available in a range of sizes from small double to super king, as well as over 40 different fabrics and colours, there is a Vicereine for everyone.

For Cosy Style – Aureole Luxury Fabric Headboard

If you tend to sit in bed in the evening or in the morning, the Aureole Luxury Fabric Headboard is the perfect backdrop for a comfortable, well-supported rest. This simple square padded design is available in Cambio, a soft-touch material that comes in a range of colour finishes, making this a perfect option for those seeking a quick change before Christmas. Wall-mounted and available in a range of sizes from Single to Super King, the Aureole Luxury Fabric headboard is perfect for getting cosy in style.

For Comfortable Glamour – Chrystal Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

The Chrystal Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard is one of our most glamorous headboards. With an elegant design and soft padding for added comfort, the Chrystal headboard is a perfect touch of luxury for your bedroom. Floor-standing for extra support, the Chrystal headboard comes in a range of sizes ranging from single to super king. You can also choose from a range of fabrics and materials, including faux leather, faux suede, satin and more, with a range of colours to ensure your headboard matches your existing decor perfectly.

For The Fairy Lights – Shaker Grey Wooden Headboard

Headboards don’t come any simpler or any more traditional than our Shaker Grey Wooden Headboard style, and better yet – it’s perfect for weaving your Christmas lights around. Crafted from the finest in Scandinavian pine, this simple slatted design is an ideal candidate for your headboard year-round. You can put your trust and faith into this headboard too – the wood is grown slowly and harvested sustainably, offering a top-quality, strong headboard that withstands the tests of time and has a superior finish. This strength and durability work well with its simplicity to offer the perfect surface to decorate ready for Christmas. Wrap tinsel, lights or even foliage around the headboard to completely transform your bed ready for the holiday.

For Silver Shine – Madison Nickel Metal Headboard

The Madison Nickel Metal Headboard is blissfully simple yet impressively contemporary, offering the perfect bed head for a huge number of bed frames. Shined to perfection, this nickel headboard will make a statement in any modern home, with a linear design that truly showcases its shine. It will truly become the focal point of your bedroom not just for the holiday season, but for the rest of the year too. Its simple silver colour also makes it perfect for any existing decor, meaning it can easily fit into a space without the need for decorating. 

For more information about our headboards or how to order, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.