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Your Bedroom Style Guide: Vintage

Vintage design is perhaps one of the most interesting and varied design styles out there and for that reason, it’s no surprise that many of us are still holding onto the style today. While there is no particular time frame or style associated with vintage as a whole, the genre opens itself up to customisation, personalisation and integration with a range of modern themes and styles. If you’re looking for a vintage-style bedroom, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you get started.

What Is Vintage Design?

When it comes to vintage design, we first have to understand the term vintage and what it means. ‘Vintage’ refers to any item of clothing, accessories or furniture that have either come from or taken inspiration from past generations and their style trends. For this reason, there is no one period of time from which ‘vintage’ can come. Everything from World War I and II, to antique French design, has a place in vintage decor and we’ve compiled a list of the possible designs below:

French Vintage

French vintage is one of the most popular genres within ‘vintage’ design and often overlaps with other historically-inspired styles including victorian and regal designs. French Vintage takes from softer colour palettes and feminine-leaning decor, featuring everything from ornate swirling designs to ruffles and lace, all finished off in neutral, muted tones. Soft beige and stone shades are common here as well as muted pinks, all set against a white or off-white backdrop. It provides a fresh and spring-like atmosphere that’s ideal for a comfortable and refreshing bedroom.

Industrial Vintage

Vintage industrial is a style that truly takes all things aged, raw, rough and vintage and brings them into the modern-day. Featuring neutral colour palettes that are rich with greys, browns and other rustic colours, industrial vintage is ideal for those wanting something a little rougher around the edges. The style utilises everything from worn and weathered materials to exposed brickwork and pipes, as well as metallic accents, geometric shapes and forms and clean, well-defined lines. 

Rustic Vintage

Rustic vintage is an ideal place to start for those wanting a more rural feel to their space. Rustic design is characterised by exposed and weathered materials, typically wood and other natural goods such as glass or stone. When coupled with vintage styling, this is a minimalistic but sleek design option. With a rustic design, you can’t really go wrong – nothing is too weathered and neater, newer items in with the vintage can still hold their own and create a unique and impressive blend of the old and new.

Urban Vintage

Urban vintage is a comfortable middle point between industrial vintage and modern design styles. Drawing influence from not only industrial decor, but also classic Victorian interior design, Urban Vintage is a modern take on some incredible classic styles, designed to bring even the smallest spaces to life. Whether you have a small home that needs some careful minimalistic design, or you simply want to live the urban life with a vintage twist, this is the design for you. Exposed brickwork, soft textiles, lightly weathered furniture and a neutral, light colour palette are common, with a touch of gold and silver to bring a sense of opulence into the space.

Bohemian Vintage

Bohemian vintage is, in many ways, perfect for the pop culture fanatic. Adorned in vintage posters, prints and motifs referencing pop culture icons from decades past, Bohemian design is a fun, colourful yet stylish way to approach the vintage style. Film posters, music records, artwork, famous classic literature and anything representing some of the world’s greatest and best moments in pop culture, all have a place in this style. Vintage pieces coupled with a fun but rustic colour palette will give you the perfect blend of old and new. 

Italian Vintage

Peace, calm and tranquillity are at the very heart of Italian vintage decor. Another style featuring exposed brickwork, Italian Vintage is home to unique Italian tiling, sandy-coloured bricks and anything that reminds you of a warm summer’s day. Natural light and warm tones can really bring the room to life – try light, floaty materials and window treatments rather than heavy curtains, for example. Terracotta shades are also a great way to introduce some warmth into the Italian Vintage style, offering a rustic finish perfect for this design.

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