Your Style Guide: Industrial

The industrial interior decor design is one that has certainly secured its place as a popular option in modern homes. The unique blend of industrial and homey styles makes for a low-maintenance and effortlessly stylish interior that screams class, sophistication and that gives a unique nod to the mechanics of a home or industrial set up. From exposed brick and steel to metallic shades and rustic, eye-catching centrepieces, here’s how you can decorate your bedroom or anywhere in your home in an industrial style. 

The Materials

The materials you’ll need, or at least need to mimic, for an industrial interior will depend on the level of industrial you’re looking to achieve but as standard, the materials are as follows: 

  • Brick

Without plasterboard and paint and neat finishes, brick can give a sense of clean, unfussy and very industrial spaces and with very minimal effort. Bricks are unique in that they make a statement and yet keep things simple at the same time, offering that old warehouse-style without the effort of putting up wallpaper or painting things perfectly. If you aren’t willing to dedicate to stripping the walls back to brick, brick-imitation wallpaper is more common now than ever before and is readily available at a lot of DIY stores.

  • Steel

Steels and other metals offer that same warehouse-like as brick, with the added benefit of strength and the fact that metallic furniture is easy to get hold of. Exposed piping or beams, antique metal furniture and ‘rough’ looking accents can create an industrial look easily. Cogs, wires, wheels and other metallic accents add to the warehouse-style industrial decor, while also adding an interesting focal point for any room. 

Our Ledbury Antique Silver Metal Headboard is a great way to introduce metal into your bedroom.

  • Wood

Wooden furniture or accents can introduce a more natural touch to an otherwise heavily industrial look, which may help a bedroom or living room feel more comfortable to spend time in. The trick is to use authentic solid timbers, such as pine, oak and walnut, to introduce rich colours, even if they have a distressed finish to blend in with the overall decor. A smooth wooden finish can also help to bring about a more refined look to the room without compromising on the theme.

  • Fabric

Living spaces need fabrics, and the likes of faux-leather, hessian fabric, cotton and even hemp fabrics can all complement the industrial look. Unusual, reclaimed pieces fit in with the theme well, and offer you the comfort of softer furnishings and help to balance out harsher lines and surfaces and keep things feeling homely.


Industrial colours have a reputation for being dark, dreary and dull, but you can certainly experiment with colour and create a more classy and far less dim colour scheme. Brighter and neon colours aren’t your best bet, but monochrome style with earthy tones and organic-style accents can create a more natural hint in an industrial style space. You could even opt for earthy reds and subtle blue hints, as well as distressed whites if you’re looking to brighten things up.

Add Softer Touches

Plants and fabric accents are a great way to soften things up in more comfort-focused rooms like the living room and, of course, the bedroom. Soft cotton furnishings or distressed but functional cushions and furniture pieces can create somewhere to relax and unwind without disrupting the overall look. Stick to the same monochromatic or muted tones, or introduce slightly bolder colours for a more unique style that reflects your personality.

For more information about our headboards and which styles will fit in with an industrial decor, feel free to browse through our range or get in touch with our team, today.

Your Bedroom Style Guide: Scandanavian

In recent years, Scandinavian and Hygge-style interior decor has swept through the whole of Europe and beyond. Ever since it really started to emerge in the 1950s, Scandinavian design has since become a staple in homes across the globe. This perfect blend of the clean and simple with warm textiles and wellness-driven design has turned homes into more comfortable places to live, so what better room to decorate in such a style than the bedroom?

Neutral Tones

Clean, neat, cosy – these are all words that come to mind when thinking of Scandinavian design and colour has a lot to do with it. Whites, blacks, greys and browns are common choices in a range of hues, designed to create a calm, muted environment that’s still airy and light enough to be comfortable, even when the weather is dull and dreary outside. Generally, white is the dominant shade, with blacks and greys as well as other pastel hues acting as accents or secondary colours.

Pictured: Samuel Velour Upholstered Headboard


Lighting can make or break Scandanavian design. Traditionally, Scandinavian countries don’t get much light throughout the winter months, often as little as 6 or 7 hours and as a result, having enough forms of lighting around the home is a must. This can be anything from ceiling lights and lamps, to candles. Having a mix of cool and warm lights can make it easier to set the mood, making for a cosy, comfortable room. 

Scandinavian design is very focused on creating an ambience that makes staying at home and indoors a comfortable experience. For an almost whimsical glow, candles can give exactly that while creating a relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for a bedroom.

Warm Textiles

You can never have too many blankets or cushions in general but for a Scandinavian bedroom interior, they really are a key point for getting the design down. In countries where this design originated, cold weather is common and so thick blankets, wool or mohair throws and other soft furnishings are a must-have to keep the bedroom feeling and looking warm and cosy. An upholstered headboard can offer the same benefits, creating a soft and warm space to sit with a warm drink and a book or laptop.

Pictured: Braque Upholsterd Floor Standing Headboard

Combine Wood And Metal 

The term ‘rustic’ is often thrown around alongside Scandinavian design and this usually manifests in a mixture of wooden and metal accents. Wood tends to take precedence, featured in flooring, tables, bedside cabinets and, of course, headboards, while metal accents have become more prominent in recent years, particularly in lamps, sconces and ceiling lights.

Pictured: Hampstead White Slatted Headboard

Make The Most Of Plants

In a time where more and more people don’t have a substantial garden, house plants are quickly taking over as a source of greenery and nature in the home. They also happen to be a great way to enhance a Scandinavian interior. They offer a pop of colour and a natural element to an already neutral and airy design and have even been reported to reduce stress and fatigue, as well as the risk of sore throats, headaches and colds.

Scandinavian interior design keeps warmth, cleanliness and relaxation at its heart, with airy and simple designs that are easy to navigate and maintain while offering all of the benefits of a cosy and comfortable space. Take a look at our headboards and find the perfect inspiration for you.

Wooden vs Metal vs Upholstered: Picking The Perfect Headboard

We thankfully live in a time where headboards come in a huge range of materials, making it increasingly possible to pick out the perfect one for our dream bedroom design. What that does mean, however, is that there can be too much choice, and wading through all of the options to find the perfect one isn’t always a walk in the park. A great place to start, however, is with the material that you want. Here’s what you need to know about wooden, metal and upholstered headboards.


Wooden headboards offer a uniquely simple style that can suit most bedroom designs with relative ease. As one of the most popular headboard materials, not least due to the ever-popular Shaker style, a wooden headboard offers a unique style like no other.

The Positives

  • Different Styles – Wooden headboards are surprisingly varied in style. From full board, to shaker-style panels, all the way through to rattan with all available in different wood types, each wooden headboard is entirely unique. No other person will have the same grain of wood as you, which adds a sense of character and charm to your bedroom. 
  • Easy To Clean – Spillages, sickness, dust and grime – they’re all easy enough to wipe off of most wooden headboards. With the exception of rattan headboards, panelled or board-style bed heads just need a quick wipe over or a dust to fully clean them off, making this a low-maintenance choice. 

Be Aware Of…

  • They Aren’t Comfortable – sitting up against a wooden headboard isn’t the most comfortable experience and you’ll need to prop up a cushion behind you or give up on sitting up in bed completely.
  • Can Seem Uninviting – While wooden headboards can be warm in tone, they could be seen as uninviting compared to the softer upholstered alternative.


Metal headboards usually come alongside a metal bedframe, though they aren’t strictly reserved for just that. They can be a stylish, classy and sophisticated option where needed, or modern and contemporary if the style suits you better.

The Positives

  • Easy to Clean – Metal headboards, just like wooden ones, are easy to wipe down in the case of mess or general dust and grime. With the right metal and regular light cleaning, you can prevent tarnishing too, keeping your metal headboard looking brand new for longer.
  • Durability – Metal bedframes are notorious for being sturdy, solid and tough, with the ability withstand considerable weight. A metal headboard has the same benefits, with a low likelihood of damage.

Be Aware Of…

  • They Can Be Noisy – When the bolts or welding start to become loose over time, metal headboards and bed frames can start to creak and groan more than any other material.
  • It May Be Cold – Metal holds onto cold temperatures more than wood or upholstered material, making it more uncomfortable to sit against or you may find that your bedroom needs just a little bit more heating to get it up to comfortable levels during the colder months.


Upholstered headboards are a cushioned alternative to metal or wood, and can come in a number of different materials. From easy-clean leather, to soft and comfortable cotton, velvet, velour and more, upholstered headboards are a headboard option for anyone looking for that soft and warm touch to their bedroom.

The Positives

  • They are comfortable – cushioned and upholstered headboards are comfortable to rest against, perfect for anyone who sits up in bed reading, on a laptop or watching TV.
  • There’s Huge Variety – There’s a seemingly never-ending supply of different fabrics in the world and in most cases, you can find a headboard covered in your material of choice. The colour and pattern choices are also plentiful, which is ideal for anyone wanting to step away from the limitations of wood or metal headboards.

Be Wary Of…

  • They Can Be Hard To Maintain – Depending on the material you choose, an upholstered headboard can be difficult to maintain and keep clean. While leather and faux leather can easily be wiped down in the case of accidents or dirt build up, fabric tends to need more intensive cleaning or shampooing.
  • It’s Breakable – Fabric headboards are prone to tearing, wearing down and other accidents that can’t be as easily fixed as with a wooden or metal alternative. While wooden headboards could see scratches, a scratch to a fabric headboard may result in a torn material which isn’t as simple to fix or buff out.

For more information about our headboards, get in touch or take a look at our full range of options right here on our website, today.

Headboard Size Chart

Picking out a headboard for your brand new bed frame can be as exciting as picking out the mattress you’ll be sleeping on for the foreseeable future. Deciding on the design, colour, material and more to match your existing decor can truly enhance your bedroom and create a unique focal point, but you need to get the measurements right. Choosing the right headboard for your bed goes further than just design – you need to ensure that it is the right size to suit the bedframe. Here is our headboard measurements guide to help you get started.

UK Headboard Sizes

UK measurements for beds are standard across the country, covering everything from a single, to a super king size, as well as specific sizes for children’s beds or cots depending on age or needs. The standard sizes readily available for adults, however, include single, small double, double, king size and super king size. The headboard measurements for each bed type are:

Bed Frame SizeHeadboard WidthDistance Between Fixing Holes
Single3ft / 90cm24” / 610mm
Small Double4ft / 122cm36” / 915mm
Double4ft 6 / 137cm42” / 1067mm
King Size5ft / 152cm48” / 1219mm
Super King Size6ft / 183cm60” / 1524mm

Most bedframes will come with the fixing holes already cut for you to easily attach any standard headboard for the bed size, however we’ve included the distance between fixing holes for strut-fixture headboards just in case.

European Headboard Sizing

While European sizes aren’t common in the UK, they can be found at most European retailers that operate here, including IKEA. These sizes differ slightly from the UK measurements and will require a different headboard size depending on your needs. Going slightly bigger than the listed measurement will give you full coverage for the bed, but you will need to consider fixture options where struts may not be appropriate. 

Bed Frame SizeBed Width
Single3ft / 90cm
Double4ft 9 / 140cm
King5ft 3 / 160cm

What Headboard Fitting Should I Get?

Headboards come in three main types of fitting depending on what you need or would like for your bed set up. Struts, floor-standing and wall-mounted headboards each offer their own benefits but may only suit a particular bed frame type. Divan beds, for example, typically use strutted headboard fixtures.

Floor Standing

Floor Standing headboards typically come in most materials including wood, metal, upholstered and more. They stand at full size and are usually fixed to the bed frame with bolts through slots within the headboard itself to ensure that they are secure. It’s worth noting, however, that these headboards aren’t adjustable and will remain at one full height, so it’s important to take care when picking out the measurements for your bed.


Strutted headboards feature usually two struts made from wood or metal that will be used to fix the headboard to the bed frame. These struts have an open-ended slot on each one so the height can be adjusted to suit the height of the bed frame and mattress accordingly. 


Wall-mounted headboards are fixed precisely how the name suggests – to the wall. These usually feature hidden fittings that will connect the headboard to the wall and therefore don’t rely on the bed itself to stay fixed, making it easy to change up the bed frame. These are particularly useful for those who want a headboard that will fill a given space rather than stick to the size of the bed itself.

How High Should A Headboard Be Above The Mattress?

The height of the headboard above the mattress is a case of personal preference in most cases, but standard heights tend to vary from around 14” above the top of the mattress to 29” or more. The wider the bed, the higher the headboard typically is.

Technically speaking, the headboard can be as tall as you desire, but general advice for keeping things balanced is to stick to a headboard that is shorter than the bed’s length.

How Do I Decide On The Full Headboard Dimensions For My Bed?

The dimensions that you want for your headboard will depend on the design that you are looking to achieve. Upholstered headboards tend to be thicker, for example, due to their cushioned surface and can create a much cosier atmosphere. Wooden headboards can vary in thickness too and choosing the right one for you can depend on the design and the bed frame.

If you are unsure on where to start or aren’t sure on the best headboard for your existing bed frame, you can contact our team through our live chat or give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

Made In Britain: Our Best-Selling British Headboards

If there’s one thing we are certain of here at Just Headboards, it’s that the world is full of stylish and unique headboard designs. From your standard but classic Shaker designs to diamante-studded upholstered styles, there’s plenty to choose from and a huge number of them are made right here in the UK! Our Made In Britain headboards offer some of the fastest delivery times, with the knowledge that your headboard offers the best in British manufacturing, but where do you start? Here are some of our best-selling British headboards.

Samuel Velour Upholstered Headboard

The Samuel Velour Upholstered Headboard is a simple yet classy design, available in both a curved and rectangular style. The cushioned texture offers comfort and with two neutral but classic colour options, these headboards can fit most interior design themes without much trouble. The ‘natural’ colour is perfect for a warmer-toned style, while the grey can match to most colour schemes with ease – whatever the choice, this British-made headboard is available for Single, Small Double, Double and King Size beds.

Shaker Grey Wooden Headboard

Anyone looking for a classic wooden headboard will find the Shaker Grey style perfect for their needs. Manufactured in, you guessed it, Britain, this traditional style offers stylish simplicity at it’s finest. It’s crafted with the best Scandanavian Pine, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality headboard, with longer wear and a unique finish. This headboard is also available in four sizes, including Single, Small Double, Double and King-Size.

Emma Upholstered Velour Headboard

The Emma Velour Upholstered headboard takes on a more traditional style, with curved edges, a cushioned finish and decorative piping that adds a touch of elegance. It’s subtle but striking and comes in 7 different sizes, so it can be used in any room for any bed size you need. The sizes include Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, Large Single, King Size and Super King Size. You’ll be able to order these stunning Britain-made headboards in two different colours – Linen, and Blue – to suit a bold or more neutral bedroom decor.

Miami White Headboard

Another stunning wooden headboard, the Miami White Headboard is a contemporary design with unique detailing to add a subtle hint of style to any bedroom. It’s once again crafted from the finest Scandanavian Pine right here in the UK and features an engraved rectangular design for a modern take on a traditional pine headboard. This headboard is also available in beech wood and oak finishes, as well as 7 different sizes to suit every need. Sizes include Small Single, Single, Large Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super King.

Monza Upholstered Headboard

With deep padding and bold horizontal pattern, the Monza upholstered headboard is yet another show of great British design. It can suit both modern and traditionally-styled bedrooms with ease and is available in up to 34 different colours and fabrics, including our Gem, Muse, Chanille, Shetland, Satin and Glitz ranges. It can also be ordered in six different sizes, including Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super King.

The headboards listed above might be some of our best selling, but they are far from our only British-made headboards. Keep an eye out for the ‘Made In Britain’ label for an insight into which of our headboards have been manufactured right here in the UK.

For more information or for advice regarding our imported headboards in light of Coronavirus, please get in touch by phone, fax, email or by using our live chat.

Cosy Bedroom Styles For Spring 2020

As we drift into the warmer spring months, you’d hardly be alone in feeling a little stuck in the winter blues. While longer days and a spot of sunshine can do wonders for the mood, making a few changes to your bedroom can give you that cosy bedroom perfect for curling up and getting a good night’s sleep ready to enjoy the fresh spring weather. From light and fresh pastel colours, to bold textures and floral accents, here are the cosy bedroom styles you should try ready for Spring 2020.

Add A Pop Of Colour

There’s nothing quite like a pop of colour to make a room feel so much more lively. Whether that’s a fresh new bedspread or a bold headboard to take centre stage in your room, introducing a bold or bright colour can pull your room away from muted or dull tones and into the brighter season. 2020 is set to be a year of moving away from duller or muted colours and instead, towards brighter shades including Neo mint, Yellow, Ochre, Blues and Fuscia. Pantone’s colour of the year has also been announced as Classic Blue, so adding a hint to your bedroom ready for spring can help you stay on-trend for the whole year.

Get The Look with the New Sherwood Maple Wooden Headboard

Add Texture

Adding or swapping out texture in your bedroom can be done in a number of ways, from changing up the throw or cushions to investing in a statement texture headboard. We are particular fans of faux leather – it’s easy to clean, soft to the touch and makes for a subtle yet effective textural addition to any room. The Mono Faux Wall Mounted Headboard, in particular, is simple in design but comes in five different colours to suit any bedroom decor.

Lighten Things Up

What better way to prepare for the lighter months than to physically lighten up your bedroom, too? Switch out darker paints or dull tones for a fresh uplift – Dulux, for example, have named their colour of the year to be Tranquil Dawn, a unique blend of blues and greens that mimic a morning sky. It introduces an almost environmental touch to any room and can lighten things up ready for the brighter spring days. Alternatively, you could opt for pastel shades for a softer touch of colour that keeps things looking and feeling fresh, but bold.

Embrace Floral

As the flowers begin to bloom outside, why not bring some of the Spring magic into your bedroom? Whether it’s real plants or a new floral print on the wall, flora can be a great way to brighten and freshen things up ready for not just Spring, but well into Summer too. You could even wrap paper or synthetic flowers around your headboard and not only incorporate floral, but cover the pop of colour and textured approach too. Our Hampstead Soft Grey and Walnut slatted headboard, for example, offers plenty of spaces to wrap wired stems around and create your own bespoke floral look ready for Spring. 

Headboard Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

A headboard is the focal point of any bedroom and with the right design can have a huge impact on the overall look of the room. From traditional wooden and metal headboards to more modern and contemporary designs, there’s a huge variety to choose from – so where do you start? We’ve compiled some of the top headboard ideas you’ll want to steal for a stylish room in 2020.

Studded Glam

Whether you’re a diamante kind of person, or you’re reaching for the metal studs, a studded headboard can create a bold statement and a luxurious look perfect for the bedroom.

The Hilton Upholstered Floor Standing headboard, for example, features diamante studs that produce a cushioned effect, helping to keep things cosy but stylish for bedtime. 

Hilton Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

The Liria Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard is another studded piece that takes it one step further, with additional stud detailing around the edges and the roll-top design. Available in over 40 colours and materials, you can be as bold or as chic as you desire. 

Liria Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

If you want something a little more subtle but equally as elegant, the Cleopatra Luxury Fabric Headboard features a unique studded border design and comes in over 20 colours to suit any bedroom.

Cleopatra Luxury Fabric Headboard

Bold Patterns

Bold, statement designs aren’t just popular in headboards – the use of abstract patterns and bold colours even within minimalistic decor is an ever-growing trend in interior design as a whole. Whether it’s a bright pop of colour or, you guessed it, a boldly patterned headboard, having the centre focus in every room is considered to be very on-trend this year. 

For animal lovers or anyone seeking a touch of glam in their bedroom, the Blockley Black and White Faux Cow Hide headboard has a boutique style with a wide black border and studded detailing for that truly bold look. Available in two heights and two fixing options, it’s a flexible option for anyone looking for that statement piece in their bedroom. 

Blockley Black And White Faux Cow Hide Headboard

Any wanderlust sufferer should take a look at the Galileo Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard. This trendy and unique print headboard features some of the world’s greatest landmarks and is sure to make a statement in any bedroom. With a white faux leather border, it’ll fit into any modern bedroom with ease.

Galileo Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a long-standing trend that’s perfect not only for students and teenagers but anyone wanting a spot of light in their room that also makes a statement.

For easy installation, wooden slatted and metal headboards work best; the Shaker White Wooden Headboard, for example, features slats that make for easy wrapping of fairy lights, and the white colour ensures that they’ll always stand out.

Shaker White Wooden Headboard

The Ashley Rose Gold Metal Headboard, on the other hand, offers the same easy wrapping but offers it’s own unique style with crystal effect decorations that’ll help any white lights stand out perfectly. The simple design will also fit in with any bedroom decor, and is also available in Nickel if Rose Gold doesn’t suit.

Ashley Rose Gold Metal Headboard

Get Creative With Children’s Bedrooms

The realm of possibilities is endless when it comes to children’s bedrooms, particularly when it comes to headboards. Fun, bright colours and unique designs can add originality and personality to their space and encourage a sense of individuality too.

For infants and young children, a Teddy Bear Children’s Wooden Headboard is a simple but fun design featuring an etched-out teddy bear. It’s made from solid pine for durability and comes in both single, and small single sizes to cater to children of any age.

Teddy Bear Children's Wooden Headboard

For slightly older children, the Heart Faux Leather Headboard is a stylish but simple one that features a cushioned heart design that will age well as your child grows. It’s easy to clean and comes in a range of colours to match your child’s developing personal tastes.

Heart Faux Leather Headboard

For sports-loving kids, the Football Faux Leather Headboard features a similar design but with a football instead. Both the heart, and football designs are available in single bed sizes (3ft), are easy to clean and come with the struts needed to fix it to your child’s bed.

Football Faux Leather Headboard

How to clean a headboard

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single method to clean a headboard because the types of material used differ, such as wooden, leather, metal, polyester, suede and many more. Please take into consideration the type of stain you want to remove because treating watermarks and ink require two completely different approaches.

Depending on how much time you have and the severity of the stain, you should also decide whether you can and want to do it yourself or whether it would be best to get it cleaned by a professional. Here is and article going into detail on how to clean a headboard and how to make homemade cleaning solutions as well.

How to clean a wooden headboard

Grace Solid Oak Rattan Headboard –

  A solid wood headboard has an elegant style which will add a touch of class to any traditional bedroom, so unless your headboard has a protective plastic coating, avoid cleaning with water or commercial cleaning products that are not specifically designed for wood – when using these, always follow the instructions on the label. Test any other cleaning method on a small, unnoticeable area first to ensure that it is suitable for your furniture.

  • Target any grease or sticky spots on unsealed wood with a gentle cleaning solution of soap or mild detergent dissolved in water, using a clean, damp cloth to spot-treat the affected area.
  • Once the mark has been removed, rinse carefully and wipe with a dry cloth.

Harder stains such as watermarks or alcohol spots can also be cleaned but will require a stronger solution such as polish. If your furniture has a finish, refer to the manufacturers guidelines to check which polishing products are suitable as this can vary widely.

How to clean a metal headboard

Ashley Black Nickel Metal Headboard –

A metal headboard is traditional in style and will add a classy and sophisticated look to any bedroom interior that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. However, they can collect dust and be affected by spills through regular use which need removing. Ashley Black Nickel Metal Headboard –

Use the following steps to clean your metal headboard:

  • Begin by vacuuming with a soft brush to remove dust and hair;
  • Wash it with a mild detergent and water solution and a super-fine steel wool pad to remove residues such as oil, grease and dirt.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Finish with a soft dry cloth polish as usual.

How to clean a velvet headboard

Lennox Crushed Velvet Upholstered Headboard –

A velvet headboard has a sophisticated design that would suit either a traditional or contemporary styled bedroom and taking care of your velvet upholstered headboard is a must if you want to enjoy it for longer.

Use the following steps to clean stains from velvet fabric:

  • If the stain is liquid, soak it up with a paper towel or a dry cloth;
  • Make a mix of mild detergent and water and use the sudsy foam to blot the stain gently;
  • Mix lemon juice with baking soda to create a foamy texture;
  • Use straight movements and go with the grain and never rub;
  • Blot out with a dry cloth. You could also use a hairdryer on a low heat to dry the area faster.

How to clean a faux suede headboard

Chrystal Faux Floor Standing Headboard –

Faux suede headboard – a soft fabric with open-texture, is the perfect contemporary headboard for your bedroom. Here is how to easily clean your faux suede headboard:

  • Use the upholstery brush of your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust, debris and hair in a circular motion.
  • Mix water with a mild detergent into a bucket and agitate the water to create suds;
  • Use a cloth to apply only the suds to the suede headboard and blot the stain gently, repeat the process if needed;
  • When done, use a dry cloth to blot dry the area.

How to clean a fabric headboard

Roma Upholstered Headboard –

Upholstered fabric headboards add luxury and comfort to our beds and we need to look after them from time to time.

To clean fabric headboards, do the following:

  • Vacuum thoroughly to remove any dust;
  • Treat any fresh stains with a dry cloth by blotting, not rubbing;
  • Clean carefully with a mild soap, water and a cloth;
  • Steam clean if your vacuum cleaner has that feature;
  • Open windows and doors until the headboard is fully dry so that mold doesn’t set in.

How to clean a leather headboard

Alessandro Genuine Leather Headboard –

A genuine leather headboard is fantastic and has an authentic look and feel so before you begin, check the manufacturer’s label for any details about how it should be cleaned. Still, the common method to clean a leather upholstered headboard is:

  • Begin by vacuuming the leather with a soft brush to remove dust and hair;
  • To remove dirt and grime, use a moisturizing soap and a little water to wash the area. Make sure the cloth is slightly damp, not drenched, so you don’t over wet the surface;
  • Mix a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and distilled water and gently scrub the surface;
  • In the end, buff the leather with a soft dry cloth and polish as usual.

Tips and tricks

You can prolong your headboard life by maintaining it properly and treating any stains the right way.

  • Treat stains as soon as possible.
  • Add an extra layer of protection using slipcover
  • Dust and steam clean on regular basis.
  • Try placing a pillow between you and the headboard to increase its lifespan.

10 Top Tips for Choosing a Fabric Headboard

Choosing an upholstered headboard may not be something you spend a lot of time thinking about, but the perfect headboard can really transform the look and feel of your bedroom. To help you find the ideal upholstered headboard for your bed, we’ve created 10 Top Tips with some factors to keep in mind before clicking the add to basket button.

Top Tip 1 – Padding Headboard Padded

If you’ve felt upholstered headboards before, you’ll already know that some are sparsely padded and uncomfortable while some are just right and others are decadently overstuffed. Consider your padding preferences when shopping around for a fabric headboard and decide on one with the right amount of stuffing or padding to suit you and your needs. For example will you be leaning on your headboard in which case you will need a headboard with a suitable amount of padding to accommodate the weight of your head.

Top Tip 2 – Size it Up

It goes without saying that your fabric headboard should be in proportion to the size of your bed. This doesn’t mean that if you have a double bed then you need to opt for a double headboard – in some cases the headboard can be a little larger than the bed itself but you should ensure that it is not smaller. If in doubt, measure up the width of your bed and compare the measurements to the headboard you are considering before you purchase. Remember – headboards which are wall mounted have no bearing on the size of your bed, whilst floor standing and headboards mounted to the back of your bed will have to match the size of your bed.

Top Tip 3 – Decide on your Headboard Type

Fabric Headboard TypeThere are 3 types of fabric headboards available – headboards with struts, wall mounted headboards and floor standing headboards. Headboards with struts enable you to fit the headboard directly to your bed base therefore when you move your bed, the headboard goes with it. Wall mounted headboards are attached to the wall behind your bed at your desired head and remain stationary. Floor standing headboards attach to the bed and reach right down to the floor behind it. Your ideal type of fabric headboard comes down to your personal preference and the desired look you plan to achieve.

Top Tip 4 – Choose Complementary Colours

As with any furniture or accessory, you want it to fit in well with your existing décor. Choose a colour that complements the shade of your bed base as well as the paint on your walls to ensure the fabric headboard blends seamlessly. Remember that if you divan bed base doesnt suit the colour of the headboard you wish to purchase, you can always get a bed valance to cover the divan base.

Top Tip 5 – Decide on your Fabric

With so many different types of upholstered headboards on the market, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the fabric and finish of your new headboard. As with the colour, opt for a fabric that complements the other furniture in your bedroom and choose from a wide variety of fabrics including jacquard, chenille, linen and even mock­croc!

Top Tip 6 – Opt for a Free Swatch

To ensure you end up with the perfect fabric for your upholstered headboard, buy from a company that offers a free fabric swatch service so you can see and touch exactly what you’re getting in terms of quality, colour and feel.

Top Tip 7 – What’s your Style

Style is a very personal thing and a very important factor to consider when redecorating. Upholstered headboards are available in a range of contemporary and traditional styles so you are sure to find something perfectly suited to your tastes. Traditional, tufted button and overstuffed styles look charming with a traditional bed base whilst a slick, contemporary fabric headboard upholstered in chic fabric with a minimalist design is perfect for a more modern look.

Top Tip 8 – Choose Made to Order

Shopping around and can’t find your perfect match? Why not have your fabric headboard made especially for you. Choosing a service that creates a headboard to match what you have in mind is one of the best ways to ensure you end up with the perfect style, size and colour for you. Not only will it be created to your specifications but you can rest assured that the quality of your handmade bespoke piece will exceed the quality of mass produced factory made alternatives. Many headboard companies are even able to upholster headboards in your own fabric, perfect if you are looking for a direct match with other bedroom accessories.

Top Tip 9 – Buy British

Buy British Headboards

We’re proud to be British and strongly support all British manufacturers. Buying British not only keeps the economy strong but ensure peace of mind as it means that your new product has been carefully manufactured by skilled and qualified craftsmen in a safe and ethical environment, whilst also reduces the chances of damage as its not been shipped from the other side of the world!

Top Tip 10 – Delivery

It’s not often that we’re prepared to wait a long time for a new purchase and buying a piece of furniture such as a headboard is no different. To make sure you have your new piece of furniture in the quickest time frame possible, choose to buy in store or online from a company that provides an express delivery option.

Now that you’ve followed our Top 10 Tips for Fabric Headboards you’re sure to make the right decision and choose an upholstered headboard perfect for your bedroom. Discover our extensive collection of fabric headboards and find your ideal match today.

How To Fit a Headboard To Your Bed

Fitting a headboard to your bed couldn’t be simpler. There are three main ways in which to do this: you can either use a headboard with struts, a floor standing headboard or a wall mounted headboard.

Headboards with struts
Headboards with struts are the most common form of fitting a headboard to your bed. The struts (wooden thin plank-like objects) are usually sold with your headboard. These are shown below on the Vienna headboard.


These struts simply screw into the back of your headboard, whilst the other end will neatly fit onto the back of most standard divan beds. The size of your bed will dictate the size of the headboard you will need to purchase: so a king size 5ft bed will only fit a king size 5ft headboard. This may seem like obvious information but you would be surprised at the amount of people who don’t realise this!

struts on bed

Your divan bed should have two bolts on the back on the back of the divan (most divans include the bolts on both sides so you can decide which way to face your divan). These bolts unscrew, you can then put the headboard in place and then screw the bolts back in place. Some divans hide the screw holes for the bolts underneath the cloth and may not include the bolts.

If there are no bolts in place on the divan, the best thing to do is run your hand across the fabric at the top of the divan base to find the screw holes (usually situated 3 or 4 inches from the end of the divan base and towards the top of the base). If you have misplaced the divan headboard bolts for the headboard, don’t panic, we sell them in our shop.

The struts supplied with most headboards will allow you to slide the headboard up and down the back of the divan depending on how thick your mattress is and how high up you want the headboard to go. Once you’ve found the perfect height you just tighten the bolts on the divan and Ta da! the headboard will hold in place. Take a look at our Skye headboard with struts:

headboard blog 2

Floor standing headboards
Floor standing headboards are similar to those with struts but operate and look slightly different. Rather than including separate struts, the struts are part of the headboard which will reach down to the floor; this allows the headboard to stand in place behind the bed. In most cases the headboard will include a gap on the standing frame which is where the bolts can be screwed in allowing for a sturdy head end which won’t move about – like the Esher headboard below.

headboard blog 3

Wall mounted headboards

Wall mounted headboards or wall hung headboards are usually used for larger headboards which cannot be supported by struts or to make a visual statement. As you can see in the image below, mounting a headboard on your bedroom wall can really make a huge impact in your bedroom.

Wall hung headboards are popular in boutique hotels and should include wall mounting fixings. We always recommend you use a professional DIY expert when fixing your wall hung headboard to the wall, they will ensure the correct tools are used and that your wall will support the headboard you choose.

headboard blog 4

Top Tips For Fitting Your Headboard

1.)    If your headboard is missing either struts or bolts, don’t panic you can buy them in our headboard accessories shop.

2.)    If you are buying a new divan and plan to fix a headboard to it, ensure it has the screw holes to fit the headboard in place (if you are purchasing a headboard with struts or a floor standing headboard).

3.)    Always use a DIY expert if you plan to wall mount your headboard.

4.)    Get the right fabric and colour before ordering a headboard, use our free fabric sample service.

5.)    Finally, If you need any further advice, please contact us on the number above.